Hands-Free Animatronic Tree Puppet

Axtell Expressions makes custom Hands-Free Animated Trees that can be operated manually or can be fully programmable animatronic.

Starting at $25,495 (Face Only)

Toucan and Tree on the Multi-Character System.This Custom Pre-programmed routine was made by us for a magic convention in Las Vegas. The TREE comes to life in this video. Any routine you create is possible. You can record the voices and program it, or we can do it all for you!

A routine that introduces the tree character for kids.
Custom routines can also be made for you. This features the voice of Doug Higley, professional voice actor and creative genius.

Ventriloquist Kevin Johnson operating the Tree with a tiny FOB

Introducing… LITTLE TREE!Little Tree Animatronic Puppet

CLICK HERE for INFO on this other Tree

Live Operation with the Transmitter
Imagine talking to people at your event as they walk by!
Great for Trade Shows and Conventions!

Options Available for Your Big Tree

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Have you seen our LITTLE TREE or our CHRISTMAS TREE options?

Animations Include:
Moving eyebrows, Moving Eyelids, 2 way Eyeball movement, Moving Mouth, Moving Branches!


Optional Second Animatronic Characters

MediaStar can combine up to 4 characters in a Show….a Magic2 Box may be needed for each additional character.
Simple Squirrel with limited movements, or Birds Nest with simple pop up birds may not require MediaStar or an additional Magic2 Box since we can combine them on one 9 channel System.

Tree Make Great Routines

The Tree of Life
Environmental Awareness
Wisdom of the Ages
Family Trees
Money Tree
Being Rooted
Branching Out
Blooming Where you are Planted






This documentary on our company features the Tree being assembled for the first time with our crew!

Animatronic Tree Assembly & Use

Part 1 – Set Up

Note – the PA System Shown is no longer sold. You will need to supply a different small PA System of your choosing.

Part 2 – Electronics
Part 3 – Binding & Performing