Cluck the Chicken Puppet

This funny CLUCK THE CHICKEN puppet has a face that only an audience could love! This professional latex puppet has a face full of color and a charm!  He is 25″ from feathery head to tail and his latex beak is a BIG 12″ long, comes with latex feet.

Easy to operate hand puppet and looks great with the Bird Arm Illusion!  Only $429.95 plus shipping.

Check Out These Accessories!

Bird Arm Illusion
Bird Arm Illusion
Axtrax Pre-recorded routines
Axtrax Routines
Egg Bird
Hatching Egg

This video is an animatronic version just to see the character moving.

For more information on this Animatronic Chicken
Click Cluck here.

We also have an A.I. Version that talks on it’s OWN!
Check that out here!