Coloring Book

Axtell Magic Coloring Book

The Axtell Magic Coloring book is full of colorful Axtell puppet characters and can be used alone as a classic Magic Coloring Book, or you can use it to force a selection and instantly “order a puppet” from a “Magic Puppet Catalog”. Have the kids yell “stop” and you open it up to reveal a specific Axtell puppet (that you happen to have with you!).

Just $19.95 for some POWERFUL COLORFUL MAGIC!

Leave this out after the show so some curious kid will take a look inside, the pages are TOTALLY BLANK!

Only $6.95 each

Axtell Magic Coloring Book Pages

Axtell Power User Colin Dymond came up with the concept for the Axtell Coloring Book and the following routine idea!

With the Green Machine you can also expand your coloring book routine to MUCH MORE! Now you can magically produce the selected puppet instantly from the “Puppet Machine”! This clip below is from his awesome DVD “The Magic Of Puppets”! A must for any kid’s entertainer!

Joey - a Jr. Axtell Power
Joey - a Jr. Axtell Power User with his Magic Coloring Book and Wildthing which is included in the artwork!
Capy with the Lemur & Coloring Book
Capy with the Lemur & Coloring Book