Dad Puppet

Dad Puppet
The Fam by Axtell
Part of "the FAM" collection, an extended family of real characers!

DAD is a confident big chinned authority figure type. Great for a Game Show Host, Military Officer, Workman, Gangster – you name it!

He has a special facial sculpt that allows him to look mad or happy when his head is turned left or right – From the front he has an arrogant expression.

Just $299.95 ! Hair is sculptured with a low relief to allow for the addition of a wig, if desired!

• Can be customized into any Nationality! (see note below)
• Rotating latex Head
• Latex or fabric glove hands
• Fabric lined foam body
• Fabric arms and legs
• Sewn elbows, wrists and knees for realistic movment
• Wear size 4T clothes(not included)

Body Style:
Rod Options:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Feet Options:

SKIN COLOR?  No problem!
The FAM is designed to look good as most nationalities.
   (There is no charge for skin color changes but it’s custom work so there are no returns and it will take a few extra weeks to make up.)

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What our customers have to say

I just wanted to say thanks for your great puppets, they really are a joy to work with. My Dad figure (Sid) is so realistic that I've had women in the audience say, " I love you Sid !" (I'm jealous!). --------wonderful !!!
Chris Woodman