Dad Puppet

Dad Puppet
Pascal Vincent
Pascal Vincent from France during an interview with Bosco, a policeman.

DAD is a confident big chinned authority figure type. Great for a Game Show Host, Military Officer, Workman, Gangster – you name it!

He has a special facial sculpt that allows him to look mad or happy when his head is turned left or right – From the front he has an arrogant expression.

Just $349.95 ! Hair is sculptured with a low relief to allow for the addition of a wig, if desired!

Dad Puppet 1• Can be customized into any Nationality! (see note below)
• Rotating latex Head
• Latex or fabric glove hands
• Fabric lined foam body
• Fabric arms and legs
• Sewn elbows, wrists and knees for realistic movment
• Wear size 4T clothes(not included)

Body Style:
Rod Options:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Feet Options:

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Chuck Field
Chuck Field
Chris Woodman
Chris Woodman

What our customers have to say

I just wanted to say thanks for your great puppets, they really are a joy to work with. My Dad figure (Sid) is so realistic that I've had women in the audience say, " I love you Sid !" (I'm jealous!). --------wonderful !!!
Chris Woodman