Dinky Stand Instructions

Build your own Dinky Stand to fit 5 or 10 Dinkys!

Shopping List
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Get 1 Pipe for 5 Dinkys
Get 2 for 10 Dinkys

Get 1 Hook Set for 10 Dinkys

Get 1 coupler if you want to connect 2 sections into 1 tall stand for 10 Dinkys. You won’t need this if you are making one or two short stands.

Get 1 Table Cap for 1 stand
Get 2 Table Caps for 2 stands

Get 1 Wood Base for 1 Stand
Get 2 Wood Bases for 2 Stands

White Paint (if you want the bases white)
1/2″ Wood Screws
3/16″ Drill Bit

(Do for each Pipe)

1. Cut the PVC Pipe(s) to 22.5″ sand edges smooth

2. Wipe any ink off of the pipes with a solvent such as Goof off or Lacquer Thinner

3. Drill your first pilot hole 1.25″ down from the TOP of the pipe stand.

4. Drill 4 more pilot holes 3.5″ apart down from the first hole. Off set the angle of the holes as follows:

5. Screw a Hook into Each Hole by hand. Try to angle them slightly upward.

6. Paint the wooden base white if you like

7. Screw the Table Cap in the center of the Wood Base

8. Insert Stand with Hooks into the Table Cap to complete your stand


1. Press the COUPLER onto the TOP of the bottom Stand

The HOOKS are placed so the bottom Dinky will be SEATED

2. Press the BOTTOM of the TOP stand into the COUPLER to make a Double Tall Stand for 10 Dinkys!

The HOOKS are placed so the bottom Dinky will be SEATED

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