DuckBill Dinosaur Puppet

DuckBill Dinosaur Puppet by Axtell Expressions
Duckbill Dinosaur Puppet Full Body at KAX
DuckBill Dino-LITE puppet by Axtell Expressions

*We now have 2 versions of this Duckbill Dinosaur Puppet! The Full Body Jacket Version and Duckbill Dino-LITE!


The Full Body version is an incredible effect using an age-old third arm gimmick in the jacket. We are offering this in a LARGE size only. It’s too large of a rig for a shorter smaller framed person to wear.

This Duckbilled Dinosaur is a full body of Axtell latex, finely crafted for fantastic realism, yet it has the Axtell “whimsical look” that gives it charming character. Foam support in the head, with beauiful brown eyes and the mouth and nostrils have a moist wet look. The airbrushing detail is incredible with 9 layers of various techniques. We are offerring a wagging tail option as well! The jacket is included along with gloves and the realistic fake arm. We create a realistic looking fake arm with anatomy and a convincing hand illusion, not just a stuffed sleeve like a cheap halloween costume.

This goes 100% toward a believeable illusion for your walk around! Hat and feed bag not included. The full body rig takes about 5 minutes to put on and weighs about 12 lbs. Wagging Tail Option is available.


The Duckbill Dino-LITE version features less weight (only 6 lbs) , instant on – off, more motion in the head, and less cost because inside the bag there is no latex body. This saves you time and money and you can walk around with it easier and get in and out quicker. Beautiful brown eyes, dinosaur logo on the green canvas carrier bag, and your choice of skin color painting! The optional wagging tail is also available!

Order below – Your choice of Color, Body Design, & Wagging Tail Option.

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