Flocking Puppets - Information from Axtell Expressions

FLOCKING is the adding of fibers onto a surface with adhesive. You can do it randomly by shaking fibers like snow over the glue, using air pressure, or by electro-statically applying it. This keeps the individual fibers oriented in direction standing on end!

Here is some of my work from the PBS “Jack Houston’s ImagineLand” television show.

ImagineLand Puppets by Axtell Expressions, Inc.

Quick Overview of electro static flocking a puppet head:

You apply a flexible glue over the puppet’s head and fasten the charge cable to a metal support inside the puppet head if possible. The flocking will have the opposite charge when the machine is turned on. The flock material is placed into the canister and the wand is pointed toward the glue. When the switch is activated the flocking material will leap out of the canister as you shake it gently and will stand on end when it reaches the attracting charge.

As it lands in the glue you watch to see how thick you want the covering. Sometimes you want a sparce covering, sometimes very thick. Some puppets I have used flocking on many of our television puppets… It’s great for closeups and for use on faces where fur must look sparce, or very short.

You can also put a direction to approximate a “nap” or fur growth direction by blowing gently with your mouth or using a soda straw in smaller areas while the glue is still wet.

Allow the glue to completely dry and then you can then paint the head with acrylic paints.

We have used this flocking gun and love it:

Flock Gun
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