Funkees the Hang-On Monkey Puppets

Funkees the Hang-On Monkey Puppets

Each FUNkee Hang-on Monkey comes complete with
Expressive Funny LATEX FACE!
Springy Wire poseable TAIL!
Your choice of left or right ROD ARM
Magnetic HANDS
Magnetic FEET (with pin-on magnets for inside clothing)
Your choice of COLORS! (Purple with Green details/ Green with Purple details! )

All for $549.95 each!

(Orange not available stock. Custom colors are an Extra Cost.)


Rod Control:

All Brown Funkee Monkey PuppetSpecial order in All Brown available as well for $50 extra. Other multi-color mixes are $150 customizing fee.

Contact Theresa in Customer Service.

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What people are saying about FUNkees!

Love the concept & characters!

Awesome Steve, you have done it it!

I can imagine these furry friends coming up out of an oversized Barrel, linked arm in arm. What’s more fun than one monkey, well…a barrel of ’em!

Those little guys have personality and will be fun!

How cute!

I love the teeth. Super cool puppet1

These look brilliant as is everything of yours – so comical too

like all your puppets they are amazing!

Great mash-up and innovation! The magnets are a stroke of genius!

How very fun going on my wish list!


“Hey, hey we’re the FUNKEES…”!

They are incredible!

Love them!

Shut up and take my money!