Hands-Free Cheeky Monkey

A Piano Playing Cheeky Monkey! What a great show stopper!
Red Folding Piano is $500 extra. MagicTrax for this routine is free.
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Our Cheeky Monkey is a fantastic funny Hands-Free Puppet. It is used by many customers around the world! The movements are really nice including the arms! The mouth is very BIG and can be seen moving from very far away! You can have a Cheeky Monkey with a Tail… or a Cheeky Chimp without!

It is mounted on Power Seat that has the batteries in it. You can set it on a table, chair or any surface. The Power Seat can also fit on our optional Performance Stand which also has a battery in it, so you could have a back up battery for wireless shows.

We have some MagicTrax available for the Magic2 Version of the Monkey / Chimp character which you will get free with this one. It can be dressed in clothing but be careful so you don’t bind the arms in any way. It should fit very loose so no extra stress is put on the servos.


Head Nod (up / down)

Head Rotate (left / right)

Head Tilt (left / right)

Mouth (open / close)

Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion

Arm Motion (1 shoulder, both elbows)

Mouth and head control live with RC FOB while Auto-Alive moves body.

Accessories Included with CHEEKY MONKEY

Character Is Mounted to a
PowerSeat with Battery

AC adapter

Battery Charger

Free MagicTrax & Files

Control System (EZ Live – Magic2 or Vent)

OPTIONS for you Cheeky Monkey
(not included):

Wireless PA System $299.95
for USA & Canada

Protective Carry Case for Cheeky Monkey $499.95

Animatronic Case

Remote Case
Performance Stand with additional hidden Battery $499.95

Universal Foreign Charger for USA Transmitter $75

Stand Carry Bag $49.95

Stand Carry Bag

Optional Stand Carry Bag
Carry the Hands-Free Stand to and from gigs with the Carry Bag.

Extra FOB $199.95

Custom MagicTrax


Magic2 Piano Playing Cheeky Monkey – Great Opening Act!

Three Animatronics Working Together in our MULTI-CHARACTER Systems with MediaStar!