Hands-Free Drawing Board

Can be operated Remotely or Fully Animatronic – can play MagicTrax Routines by Axtell!
NO HANDS Needed on controller if you want to run it automatically!
Play MagicTrax mp3 programs from any mp3 player into Controller!
(Laptop, iPod, iPad, Mp3 Players, Desktop Computers)
Can be programmed by you with your own routine!
You can also operate by Remote Control “Live” in real time.
Full Tech Support and 1 year System Warranty, 3 months on Servos!
Includes 4 “MagicTrax” routines for the board!

$2,495.95 Plus shipping (currently out of stock)

Order with or without the adjustable Floor Easel (additional $149.95)

Questions? Contact Support

Hands-Free Drawing Board

Electronic 14 x 17″ Magic Drawing Board
Secret Eraser Transmitter (Controls both by Remote and Animatronic)
Hard Shell Protective Case
Table-top Stand (Blue)
4 Markers
Universal Wall Adapter for Charger
Instructions & Video Tutorials

Hands-Free Orders Also Include
4 MagicTrax Routines:

Birthday Magic
Christmas Magic

What our customers have to say

"After some experimenting and playing around with the settings, I can have my new electronic drawing-board now talking and doing WHATEVER I want, previously programmed and without manipulating any device whatsoever...What a professional and commercial prop this is! Endless possibilities! "
Gunther Guinée
"I've owned the "Remote Hands Free Drawing Board for over 5 years or more and have used it effectively and successfully for all that time time. And as time would have it the recharageable battery no longer was able to maintain its charge. So I emailed and spoke to John and was told just ship it to him for repair. So I had to wait a week or so for the Board to return to try out the UPGRADE and I can tell you that I have never been more please! I purchased the 4 HFDB magic trax and WOW!! This is as cool and as easy as it gets. I'm no techno electronic genius but this is as easy to setup and perform as it gets. It's like just plug and play!! No longer any need to hold and carry the eraser even though you can still use the manual function if desired. The ability to edit and program your own Magic Trax is also amazing. I had a few questions about the Magic Trax download and I called John and he walked me thru it to help me get going. I just had to tell you guys that you'll get your greatest bang for your buck with the NEW Hands Free Magic Drawing Board. No need to take your computer to your show, just an ipod or an MP3 player, my Sonic Amp and let the show begin. Also I want to again thank John for his kindness, courtesy, and patience In working with me. You've got a great staff, Steve. Hope you got some new Magic Drawing Board "Magic Trax" comming up in the near future like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day..... Well I have to get back to playing with my new toy. Thanks again to all of you at AXTELL EXPRESSIONS."
Doug Roberts


Why did you change the Remote Control Board? I would like to operate my board without animatronics.
No problem the new Hands-Free Board has been upgraded to do both! You can operate normally by remote controlling the eraser, or by using tracks that you program. Two great products in one with a ton of possible uses now.
For a limited time we still have some of the original Remote Control Only Circuit Boards that we can use to build the limited version. If you really want one that cannot record or playback programs that we make or you create, contact Steve for information.

Do I need to use your MagicTrax routines, or can I make my own?
You can create your own recordings using your own voice and program the board to them. It is 100% customizable!

Is there an “Auto-Alive” for the board like your Hands-Free Puppet systems?
Not automatically like the character system but you can easily create your own silent track of programmed movement that keeps your board alive moving between tracks. Just program the movements longer than you need and then when you are ready for the next MagicTrax hit “next”!
In fact if you have background music as the audio on the mp3 you can program the board’s eyes to follow you where you know you will be standing and walking on stage… its freaky!

How do I program the movements with the Hands-Free Board?
You will receive full instructions on how to capture the programming with a computer. You will use the controller to perform the animations synched to the sound. This gets recorded on a computer. The actual process is a secret and you as an owner will want to keep that quiet.

How do I create my own routine like your MagicTrax?
The programming will be captured on a computer and we will show you how to combine the data with your audio and create a program similar to our unqiue “MagicTrax”. We have video instructions, a forum and complete TECH SUPPORT ready for you!

How do I know if my Remote Control Board is compatible with the new Controller?
Look at the back of your board under the bottom frame, and look inside your eraser at the hand written number. If it starts with “AX…” then you are compatible. You don’t need to send your board to us, just order the new controller!

If your board is older than 2007 (and does not have a serial number beginning with “AX…”) then just contact our tech support for upgrade costs and options. You will require additional conversion kit.

Can I control exactly when I want the eyes to appear in the routine, and where they look and the mouth movements?
Yes, everything is 100% programmable! The eyes on / off, the eye movement, and the mouth movement can be programmed 100%. It is not just some random pattern of movement. You can create the routine of your dreams!

What does the new Hands-Free Controller look like?
It looks exactly like a chalk board eraser with a blue top…same as the original Remote Control Eraser but this new controller has a jack on the side, extra animatronic circuitry inside, and some new switches.

Can the new Hands-Free Controller also operate the Board in real time “live”, not just playing back programming?
Yes, it is both an animatronic controller and a remote control device. You can also switch from animatronic to live by disconnecting the wire. When you operate it in LIVE mode you hold it in your hand and operate the controls. When you use it as the Hands-Free Controller, you attach your audio player (netbook, laptop, iPod, Mp3 Player, iPad, etc.) to the jack on the controller, and it becomes a decoder / transmitter sending the data wirelessly to your Remote Board.

What MagicTrax are you providing Free with the purchase of the the Hands-Free Drawing Board and the Controller Upgrade?
We are providing “Art-O-Matic”, “Houdini”, “Birthday Magic” and “Christmas Magic” as MagicTrax. You can listen to these on the AxTrax page now to hear the audio and read the scripts.. We will continue to produce more MagicTrax for a Fee in the future, and of course you can record and program your OWN routines once you have the controller in your hot little hands.

Can I edit your Axtell AxTrax that you have made into MagicTrax? There are some lines I would like to cut out.
Yes, if you know how to edit in audio software you can cut parts out of our existing MagicTrax, but you would need to cut both tracks (left and right).  Data and Audio.   When you reassemble it back together there could be a slight jerk in the action but very minor.  Another approach is to edit the audio first to what you like, then just program the movements to match that. 

Can multiple programs/routines be programmed into the unit to allow for a variety of interactions during a show? If so, could this be controlled simply by “pausing” the audio input device?
You put your different track into a playlist.   If you use IMPRESS or POWERPOINT on a laptop you can see the track when you are performing.  If you use an MP3 player or CD player you have very small screen to view.  In either case you could use the appropriate remote FOB to start and control the tracks on the device.   Our preferred method is to use the netbook and PowerPresenter FOB.    You can configure the tracks to either go on to the next track in the playlist or auto-pause.   It’s up to you.

Once a routine is programmed, is the controller and audio input device (iPod, CD player, etc.) the only thing that needs to go with me to the show?
Yes whatever player (laptop or mp3 player) plays your tracks into the eraser / transmitter, is all you need, and whatever remote control device you are using to advance the tracks.

If I have to use the eraser to transmit the motion from the player, what do I hold on stage when I am erasing the board?
You can use a wipecloth or a real white board eraser. We kept our controller looking just like an eraser so you could also use it for LIVE remote control too.

Do the servos make noise?
Yes servos are electric motors and they make some sound when they operate. You will notice this when you first operate the board in a quiet room and often customers are concerned about it… at first. but trust us and the hundreds of performers that are using our Remote Board / Hands-Free Board – the audience won’t care.Cover it…..Turn your music UP….Make the cartoon’s voice LOUD and have FUN! It’s an amazing effect!