Animatronic Hands-Free Mega Macaw

Our Hands-Free Mega Macaw is one of our most amazing animatronic puppets. We love the whimsical character look which is more entertaining than a realistic parrot. Perfect for pirate themed shows or Tiki shows! The movements are just crazy good! If you want a real crowd pleaser at a great price, get this Axtell HF Mega Macaw!

It sits on a Perch that has batteries in the tube so the bird can be fully wireless on stage or in a crowd. The Mega Macaw can be operated wirelessly without any wall power – just carry in the perch and set it down.. ready to go! No wires, no air compressors…. simply simple. A bird on a perch is a very natural look and easy to carry around.

It can be customized with colors or made as a girl Mega Macaw as well.

MOVEMENTS your Mega Macaw will have control over:

Head Nod (up / down)
Head Rotate (left / right)
Head Tilt (left / right)
Mouth (open / close)
Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion
Wings (open / close)

Accessories Included with Mega Macaw

Performance Stand w/ Battery
AC adapter
Battery Charger
Free MagicTrax & Files

Control System (Either manual control with a transmitter or programmable show control system)

Hands-Free Mega Macaw Stand

OPTIONS for your Mega Macaw
(not included):

Protective Carry Case $499.95

Animatronic Case

Stand Carry Bag $49.95

Stand Carry Bag

Optional Stand Carry Bag
Carry the Hands-Free Stand to and from gigs with the Carry Bag.

Universal Foreign Charger for USA Transmitter $75

Extra FOB $250

Custom MagicTrax

Patrick Wan in Singapore