Cry Baby Ideas

Steve Woyce with the Bee Puppet
Steve Woyce doing his "Catch the Reading Bug" summer reading show. He also uses it in his "Spring Time Magic Show"

Names for Bees –
Buzzy Bee
Poly Nate
Aunt Bee!


“As soon as I saw this puppet I thought …
‘Spelling Bee!’
(Maybe Aaron the Spelling bee!)”

John Kimmons

Queenie Bee the Clown
Queenie Bee the Clown

Bees are great subjects for education!

Teach Character –

Bee Kind, Bee Honest, Bee Gentle, Bee Safe, etc.

Teach the Bible – The BEE attitudes! God made all creatures.

Teach Science – Bees are facinating…

If you teach a Junior High health class get a Bird puppet to go with this Bee….that will hold their attention!

Teach Bee Safety – what to do if you are stung.

Bee Puppet by Axtell Expressions
The Bee can appear to fly away from you...quick grab him!
Nancey Ambrose
Nancy Ambrose and her Queen Bee
Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander