Instant Turkey

Realistic Turkey made from high quality latex, spring foam inside and amazing detailed airbrushing. Can be used with an assortment of production boxes that can fit in. It measures 16 x 12 x 7 inches and can compress down from 7 to 1.5 inches!

This magical Instant Turkey rubber production item is made from high quality rubber latex with spring action foam inside for very fast pop up! It can compress down to 1/2″ or more and instantly appear as a big 16 x 12 x 7″ holiday turkey!    Use it with a pizza box and produce Dominos new pizza for the holidays. Add garnish like plastic apples and tomatoes around the edges and it looks like you just produced a full holiday feast.

COOK BOOK production idea!

“Here is a short video clip of the cookbook I made to hold your incredible production turkey. It is a cheap, 3 ring binder-style photo album from either Walmart or CVS Drugs, I forget which. The fake pages (side panels) are made from 1/8″ ply scraps I had in the garage, glued to the binder with the new “clear” Gorilla Glue. Two bunches of plastic grapes were glued into the front corners, and some plastic cranberries glued in the center. They are flexible enough that they compress with the bird. The whole thing took one day to build.”

Mark Pettey, Circus of Magic!

Shown with a magic “Duck Pan”
available at most magic supply stores.

“I wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for custom creating the production turkey for my Burger Act. I built a triple production blammo style box that produces two stacks of burger buns and then the turkey. The reactions I get with it are fantastic due much in part to the realistic looking nature of the Latex Turkey you made for me. I am so glad you are now able to offer this incredible production item to your customers at a great price!

The turkey was a custom creation for my act and from start to finish Steve Axtell and his team were amazing to deal with, I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a custom creation!”

-Matthew Johnson – Canadian Award Winning Magician”