The Jazz Man Puppet

Terry Fator with Julius the Jazz Man Puppet
The great Terry Fator with his first Axtell Jazzman "Julius" ventriloquist puppet.

THE JAZZMAN! This Louie Armstrong style character comes complete with magnetic trumpet, hanky and left rod arm, puppet is fully dressed in black tuxedo with bowtie and cumberbun. (with or without tux shoes). Rod arm on the left side of puppet to control his free hand holding hanky.  Trumpet is in puppet’s right hand.  Puppet includes our four fun Mp3 Jazz songs complete with his voice or without.  Perfect as ventriloquist puppets or even as a traditional puppet for puppeteering!  Show a little New Orleans spirit!  $549.95 plus shipping. Tux shoes $50. 

Jazzman Shoes

If you don’t want the puppet’s trumpet with poseable wire in arm and handkerchief with left elbow rod.
let us know by email.
You save $50.00.

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