Koala Puppet

Koala Puppet by Axtell Expressions
Koala Puppet by Axtell Expressions

This Koala Puppet’s body is designed to turn sideways so it looks like it is holding onto you. It will work left or right side.
You can support it with your other hand or let go, and it remains holding you.
No wires or magnets needed in the arms or legs.

The latex head is covered with Koala fur. Total “Koalaty” (quality). Airbrushed nose, mouth, fabric tongue, acrylic eyes, bushy wire-posable ears…lots of attention to detail… how much attention can a Koala Bear?

(It can be made into a female with eyelashes and blue eyelids for an additional fee). 

$499.95 plus shipping.

Axtrax Pre-recorded routines
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Steve Petra Gets His Koala On!

“I had the pleasure of performing breifly with this at KAX. It’s not merely irresistible as a character but also as a puppet – in it’s design, comfort and visual potential.”

Kax Koala Puppet
Koo-ee Koala was introduced at KAX
Jay Johnson – Testing another potential Tony Award Winner!
John Kimmons with Koala Puppet
John Kimmons testing out some funny, funny Koala gags!

Koala Performance Ideas

Kathy Prosser or “Kathy Possum” is not only an Axtell Customer but she is the Songwriter of the Year for Australian Children’s Music! Check out her wonderful CDs for some real inspriation and content for this amazing Koala, or our Kangaroo, or our Platypus, or Crocodile, or….
At KAX I used her song “COO-EE” to introduce my Koala. Kathy told me that Coo-ee was the loudest sound you can make with your mouth, so they use it in the Australian Bush. I was so impressed I named our puppet “Koo-ee Koala”!
Take some time to listen to her great Australian song like “Coo-ee” and download a few on iTunes Here

Idea from Pete Michaels

Vent: G’day Mate!
Koala: Sorry?
Vent: I said G’day Mate!
Koala: Like I said…Sorry! By the by, hoave you got anything to eat ’round here?
Vent: I don’t have any eucalyptus leaves or grubs, sorry.
Koala: Good because if you did, you’d be eathing ALONE! I want a Big Mac! Crazy Yanks!

What our customers have to say

Koalas are generally silent but can communicate with a wide variety of sounds including growls, grunts and loud bellows. Just make funny noises. When you imitate him he tells you you are doing it wrong and tries to correct you, finally giving up because you have such a strong accent.
Steve Petra
He's a gorgeous koala! I'm in Australia, there's a koala out the back of our property... I would love one of these puppets!
Gabriele Joy
ooo.. truly KoalaTy friend...anyone would adore!!!
JoyBell Barber