Magic Drawing Board 2

MAgic Drawing Board 2 with Tongue
Stick Out Tongue Option!

You totally “get it!” One of the best commerial tricks in recent magic history just got better! You’ll want one of these!

You still get the regular eye and mouth movement you know well… but now we have added an additional animation for the amazing Axtell Magic Drawing Board! Stick Out Tongue & Playing Card – whatever you prefer… as an extra production from the MOUTH of the Character you Draw on the Board in Your Show!
Order now – MAGIC DRAWING BOARD 2 with either the Stick out Tongue or Bicycle Card (Red) Your Choice!

NOTE – you order either a Tongue OR a Card. It’s not changable due to the assembly involved. We need to install it for you when built.

Right now we only offer the LARGE SIZE 14″ x 17″ with this effect.

We also solved the Backlight Issue! No more show through in back lit conditions! YAY!

The MAGIC DRAWING BOARD 2 with Double Mouth Action & Backlight Blocking is $299.95! 

(Includes: Magic Drawing Board 2, Carry Bag, 2 Markers, Wipe cloth & Instructions)

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Card Prediction Option

Magic Drawing Board 2 Mouth
Yes you still have the regular mouth as usual
Magic Drawing Board 2 Card Reach
Palm the chosen card and switch.
Magic Drawing Board 2 Card
Card presents on backside so it can be any card you wish!
Magic Drawing Board 2 Mouth
Was this your Card?


Idea from Pete Michaels for STICK OUT TONGUE:
You – Excuse Me…
Board – Yes?
You – It seems that everytime I look away the audience starts laughing. (looks away the board sticks out tongue again)
Board – REALLY? I hadn’t noticed!
You – Hmmm. Very Strange. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you were doing something when I look away. (look away and JUST as the board sticks out it’s tongue, you catch him in the act!) Ha! I knew it!
Board – Huh? Wha? Knew what?
You – Being SILLY again, eh? Well Mr. Razz-berries, now it’s time to say goodbye to our audience.
Board – Okay, Goodbye Folks, sorry.
You – Now Say Goodbye to me
Board – (Sticks out Tongue and make noise as you erase him)

IDEA! Buy your own BLANK Bicycle “Gaff Cards” and you can write a predictions on the card instead of playcard faces. Write on them either before the force or after using a thumb writer, etc.
MDB2 Blank Cards

Idea from Steve Petra for STICK OUT TONGUE:
You – Claim he doesn’t look so good. Are you okay?
Board – I feel Okay
You – You look a little Drawn ha ha
Board – That’s not Funny!
You – Feeling his head. You feel a little warm, maybe you have a fever or sore throat.Open your mouth and say Ahhh
Board – AHHHH (regular mouth open)
You – Stick out your Tongue
Board – I can’t do THAT! I’m just a drawing!
While you make comments to your audience have him stick out his tongue – the kids will go nuts. Finally you catch him in the act, say he looks fine after all and erase him.


For small hands, one half (in length) of a card be be shown with the idea that the second half is behind the fingers. Even better for palming with very small hands.
The half card idea is similar to what you are already doing, yet only the top half of the card shows at the top of the fingers.

One new idea is to modify a concept from Larry Becker. The duplicate (genuine card) is attached to the back of a card box, with a piece of double stick tape. The face has also been prepared, with additional tape over the pip area/or face card design. You might patter: “Was it one of these cards?” Holding the box up and lightly attaching the duplicate from the card box in the same position as the fake, then retracting the fake, leaving the genuine duplicate. Although time consuming to prepare, some may prefer the alternative to palming.

Stephax Ybry - France
Stephax Ybry - France
Lalin Choforina Show - Mexico
Lalin Choforina Show - Mexico