MEDIASTAR for Axtell Hands-Free Character Animation Systems

Turns your Magic2 System
into a Multi-Character System & A Full Show Control System!


MediaStar is used by many magicians and entertainers in the world, and we now have this Axtell Version which supports control of Multiple Axtell Hands-Free Characters.
A seperate “Animation Control System Magic2 Box” is needed for each Character – and MediaStar is used to sync up to 4 characters in a show!

Only 1 Transmitter is required for programming so you would only need to add 1 additional Magic2 Box and MediaStar to sync 2 characters.

MediaStar Option

Upgrade anytime from the Magic2 System to MediaStar Control

This option includes 2 FOBS, 1 Ankle Switch, MediaStar software (Axtell Version) with multiple character control, Stereo Audio and expandablity for optional DMX lighting & remote control trigger effects such as opening doors, smoke, glitter, magic tricks, etc. True full show control!

Previous owners of MediaStar are eligble for a FREE upgrade to the Axtell Versions of MediaStar, if you need multi-character control..
This New version of MediaStar is available only from Axtell Expressions for use with our Hands-Free Animatronic characters – Cost is $1149 for the Audio & Multi-Character control software, Receiver and FOB set.

MediaStar is a show control system from Pro Mystic. With the “Axtell Version” of MediaStar you can play our MagicTrax to control our Hands-Free Puppets. MediaStar is the show control system of choice of many magicians and stage performers. This is add-on software and hardware that will work with the Advanced Axtell Animation Control System. Once the MediaStar (Axtell Version) is connected to our Advanced Animation Control System, MediaStar integrate with our MagicTrax to technically control our characters along wtih your entire audio show. This $1149 MediaStar Axtell Sytem will provide you with the following:

1. STEREO MUSIC AND AUDIO – The MediaStar Sytem provides a separate USB data channel for the character as well as retaining stereo music and audio (Typically an Axtell MagicTrax splits a stereo mp3 file between mono audio right and mono data left, which makes the audio portion mono. MediaStar retains the stereo audio).

2. MULTIPLE CHARACTER CONTROL – MediaStar’s unique USB data configuration allows for more than one Axtell Hands-Free Character to be controlled within a single Axtell MagicTrax program. This is perfect to have two or more characters talking and singing together. An Axtell Animation Control System is connected to the USB port so the MagicTrax can control the Axtell character. Our multi-input programming procedure makes it very simple to combine characters and invididually recorded programs together in one show file! If you have ever worked with systems that require the input of single animation channels, you will LOVE our system.

3. RC CONTROLLERS – With the MediaStar upgrade you will get two small Fobs and an ankle switch for true hands-free control.

4. EXPANDABILITY for TOTAL SHOW CONTROL – Pro Mystic provides great tech support and other option for MediaStar users. You can get the optional programmable DMX light control system, and add their Multi-Output Receiver which provides up to 8 triggers which could turn on or off devices such as smoke effects, magic tricks, etc, all in perfect timing and synched to your audio program! MediaStar with the Axtell Hands-Free Control addition is truely a total show control system!

Watch MediaStar in action with these two Toucans in a “pre-show”.

Here is another example of our Multi-Character system in action. A piano playing Cheeky Monkey – and 2 Toucans singing along! This is a behind the scenes video preparing to go to a presentation at “Magic Live”…. Enjoy

If you already are a previous owner of MediaStar for basic audio control in your show, they will give you a free upgrade to the “Axtell Version” which will then control our Hands-Free Characters.

“That is absolutely amazing! Wow Steve, you really have created a winner here. Even when you know it is a radio controlled puppet, you just forget all about it and fall in love with the character. You can not help but get drawn in to the fun. Axtell Expressions always stood for quality products but this is a masterpiece. Beautifully done!” – Kyle

“That’s really great! Your chimp really looks like a living one! Amazing! ” – Figpic, France

“I I have three words: WOW! – WOW! – WOW! … I am stunned or should I say breathless… at the beauty of this remote controlled Toucan. You are a genius and I sure hope you do well. It is definately on my wish list! ”  – Dennis Michael

Toucan and Tree on the Multi-Character System.This Custom Pre-programmed routine was made by us for a magic convention in Las Vegas. Any routine you create is possible. You can record the voices and program it, or we can do it all for you!