Mega Macaw Puppet

Mega Macaw – This deluxe bird is top of of the line. Latex face and feet are airbrushed to perfection. The back of the folded wings & tail are real feathers, and the body is fur modified by combing acrylic through it to look like feathers. The tail is removeable for storage and transportation. We use Dyed Turkey feathers for the wings and tail. They are individually hand laid and give this bird an amazing professional look.The basic Mega Macaw puppet is just $479.95 plus shipping!

Optional upgrades include:
Pro Hand-Cut Feather Pattern in body fur – $269

Fur Texture:
A.I Logo
A.I is available for this Parrot!

Check Out These Accessories!

Bird Arm Illusion
Bird Arm Illusion
Axtrax Pre-recorded routines
Axtrax Routines
Egg Bird
Hatching Egg

Here is the Mega Macaw with the Realistic Bird Arm Illusion!

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