Off The Meter

Off The Meter by Axtell Expressions

Instant American Idol!

Off the Meter is the ultimate warm up device, guaranteed to get your audience PUMPED up to a 10 with excitement! It can be used as an applause meter, IQ meter, Fun-Meter, anything! The needle is totally under your control at all times….you can manipulate the results for fantastic comedy and magical results! This is one of those “must have” props for any show. – $279.95 plus shipping –


What our customers have to say

"I have this prop, it's always the best ice breaker that works wonders! The sound track to go with it even adds icing to the cake with this noise meter.... It really sets the pace and pumps up the audience. Face it, ... you either put on a program for the kids OR they will put on a program for you. I can't value this tool enough".
Jay Phillips
"As a warm up piece to engage the audience and start things off on a great foot there is no better piece of equipment! As most know, I use several Steve Axtell products in the show. Our Youcan Toucan Animatronic Bird, Our Magic Drawing Board and Toyzur the Dinosaur. All of them get the best responses from my audiences. Thanks Steve!"
Greg Phillips