Mic Mouth

Sarah Jones with the Mic Mouth by Axtell Expressions
SARAH JONES from Australia uses the MIC-MOUTH on Steve Axtell
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The MIC-MOUTH ® is a hilarious comedy prop created by Ikkokdou and Steve Axtell.
It is simple to operate and easy to use the moving mouth on a fake microphone.

Make anyone in your audience talk – instantly without any set up!!

The MIC-MOUTH measures 10.5″ long and is 5″ wide.=

Only $279.95 plus shipping.



Use it to Introduce or M.C. Your Own Show!

Quickly LIP-SYNC to any song!

Make ANYTHING Talk – even a Watermelon!

Small Prop that Plays BIG!

KARAOKE on Steroids!

INTERVIEW the Invisible Man!

Turn ANYONE into Angolina Jolie or Mick Jagger

Non Gimmicked Mic

A “FAKE MIC” is an exact duplicate mic without the lips. Use this as the mic on your audience member. ” Hi! What’s your name?” (hold the dummy mic to them but they can’t be heard). “Hmm.. speak louder… still louder… (nothing). Wow it must need batteries, let me get another mic”. (Then return with the Mic-Mouth!)

Buy a FAKE MIC – Just $49.95!

This Fake Mic matches the handle of our Mic-Mouth so you can use it as a non-gimmicked prop before pulling out the Mic-Mouth! For example, you hold up the fake mic to your volunteer but it doesn’t amplify, somethings wrong, check the batteries, etc. eventually you switch it for theMic-Mouth and YOU make them talk! This prop does not amplify, does not work, is a dummy, fake, faux, is not wireless and needs no batteries. .