Monster Puppets

This is the “Hang-On Monster”. It’s really different and really attracts attention. It’s great for walk arounds or just in your regular show! Note for rod arms, we install elbow rod in the front arm (same side as your hand in the puppet because the other hand is behind your head). Magnetic hands and dangling uvula included free! Hand enters at bottom. $579.95 plus shipping!

Orange not available stock. Custom colors are an Extra Cost.

Body Colors:
Collar Option:
Elbow Rod:
Magnets for Feet?:

“The Monster Pet” – The same face but with a different body that doesn’t Hang-On! He has shorter legs and arms and perfect for quick performances.
His hands are suspended with monofiliment string from the head for crazy fun action! Latex head, hand & feet… Comes with the collar and a whole lot of attitude! Hand enters through bottom. $549.95 plus shipping.

Body Colors:
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Randy Gentry had the idea to combine the Hang-On Monster puppet head with the body of another Axtell puppet. We added the hanging hands feature and the Monster Pet was born! Here is Randy unboxing his puppet!