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THE “BIG MOUTHS” Mouth Puppets – We yell at the table, we laugh out loud, we eat junk food, but only one of us brushes! Great for teaching Dental Care at Schools! Or Imagine the laughs you’ll get lip synching to your favorite song or imitating a fast talking disc jockey! VENTS can use it with a volunteer on stage. Just operate the Big Mouth over your “victim’s” face… and make them talk with a Big Mouth!  Comes with holder for sunglasses.

$149.95 plus shipping.

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The Axtell BigMouth Puppets are outrageous fun and have been used by ventriloquists, comedians and even Dentists! They are great for teaching dental care to kids in a school setting….Heck my own dentist has a set in his office to show kids about their teeth. However, it’s much more than a set of pretty teeth…..