Ed Nerd Puppet

Ed Nerd Puppet
Ed Nerd Puppet on stage

Ed Nerd is well…a Nerd, a Dork, a Geek! And “Nerd” is the new “Cool”. Someone that focuses or “geeks out” on something they love…like me and puppets! He’s very intelligent and just a little off socially. His mouth is smaller than some of our other puppets to give him that puckered look!

You’ll find 1000 uses for him. Professor, IRS Agent, Rock Collector, Book Lover, Tech Support Expert, Technical Wizard, Scientist, Paleontolgist, Historian, Pastor, Librarian, Rabbi, Artist….ANYONE!

Airbrushed latex nerd head and geek hands.
Comes with dork Glasses and brown eyes & hair.
Other colors available upon request.

37″ from bald head to his nerdy feet… Fits size 5T Boys Shirt and 4T Pants with alterations. How dorky!


Ed is sold without clothing for $369.95.

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Customer Ideas

"Use him as a Chemistry Teacher who has been teaching a long time. How long? Who is the current president? Oh well then I've been teaching since "19 Jimmy Carter".
Pete Michaels
"Oh my gosh...outstanding craftmanship! Dress him in a lab coat as a Nutty Professor and use the Neurotic Rat as his sidekick Lab Rat! "
"Use Ed Nerd as a scientist. I can totally see that! The national library theme is a science theme. Fizz! Boom! Read! That would work well."
Tony Borders