Puppet Tube

Puppet Tube by Axtell Expressions
Puppet Tube Contents


Blue Tube
Gimmick Glove attached
2 Extra Gloves
Magnetic Toxic Sign – Removeable
Carry Bag & Bungee Cord

The Puppet Tube is a “Third Arm” Illusion created by Steve Axtell to allow you to control puppets & props from inside the tube with your free hand. One glove has a structure inserted into it to look like your real hand and is attached to the tube and your real arm passes into the tube’s interior through the glove on the fake arm. The gloves are large size, and the tube measures 18″ in diameter (46cm) and is 18″ tall (46cm). It will compress down to about 4″ (10cm). Order your PUPPET TUBE now for – $349.95 plus shipping. This is a prop sold without a puppet. You can order the optional Toxic Monster Head & Neck Puppet – or use any puppet you want! Specify Left or Right Gimmick Arm.
(The same side you will use to operate the puppet)
Order your PUPPET TUBE today for $349.95 plus shipping
Toxic Monster is Optional for $149.95

Specify Arm for:


Puppet Tube Arm

Imagine squirting your audience with up to a 20 foot stream of water!  You can produce 10-15 squirts out of this powerful sqeeze bulb! If you want him to be innocent make him squirt when he sneezes, “oh excuse me!” – or just blast them!

This is not a cheap squirter like you’ve seen in novelty gags, it’s a sophisticated no-spill system with a quick disconnect fitting at the bulb for refilling to keep your elephant dry. Comes with a refill tube and instructions. A big splash for $199.95

What our customers have to say

"I just received the Puppet Tube today. Wow what a great product. I can't wait to get it on stage. I just wanted to let you know I totally love this product and wish you great success with it. Thanks again for your contributions to our art."
Larry Colombo
"The Puppet Tube shipment arrived around 2 hours ago. What excitement! Fabulous packing and contents amazing....The puppet tube is even better than it looked. This is going to be amazing and I will debut it tomorrow!" UPDATE: "The Puppet Tube was a big hit - the kids couldn't believe their eyes. What fun!"
Amanda Ebersohn
Toxic Monster Head
Toxic Monster Puppet (Head & Neck) is Optional for $149.95 Or you can use Any Puppet!

QUICK – ON & OFF! You can put 2 gloves on in front of your audience and then bend down behind a stand or exit the stage and reappear within 10 – 15 seconds holding the tube! ( You remove the glove on your puppet hand and put your arm into the tube hole past your elbow). It removes even faster – just pull your arm out! No straps, no connectors, no problem!

Puppet Tube Pack
The Nex BIG Thing in Entertainment - Packs SMALL!

STORE YOUR PUPPET TUBE in the OPEN POSITION to give the fabric and spring the least amount of stress over time.

Puppet Tube Toxic Button
Want a different Sign on the Front for Special Occasions?

You can order Custom Signs directly from Affordable Buttons! This is a 6″ Button with 2 Magnets. Cost is approx $8-10. Make sure to tell them “no pin and 2 magnets for the Axtell Expressions Puppet Tube”. Top Quality Custom Buttons that you can order for Any Occasion!



Size Note

We are selling this as a LARGE size prop. It’s not available in small or child size, or Extra Large at this time. The gloves will fit a medium and avg adult probably under 6 feet. Performers with Large arms may find the gloves to be a tight fit on the bicep upper arm.

The gloves are made of strong vinyl material up and over your elebows, and so they are not a fabric that breathes. If you typically sweat and would prefer fabric gloves instead, we can make them for an additional upgrade fee. Email Theresa and she will quote it for you.



There is so much you can do with the Puppet Tube in addition to Operating the Puppet! In the video above I’m using a Plastic Yard Drink Cup as a scope. You can throw things out of the tube! Confetti, Candy, Balls, Toxic Socks! Float Objects like a parascope, or mysterious objects and lot’s more! Imagine MAGICAL and MYSTERIOUS moments in the show that will add routine and impact to your show! Below are some great props that are fun to use in the PUPPET TUBE!

Doty Scope by Ken Scott
Doty Scope by Ken Scott

Mago Zazu in Mexico with the Puppet Tube and more!