Rick Rack Raccoon Puppet

Rick Rack Raccoon Puppet by Axtell Expressions
Rick Rack Raccoon Puppet with Steve Axtell

This deluxe Rick Rack Raccoon Puppet has hand-cut fur over the latex head, which give the shape and the textured detail inside the mouth and ears. It has latex hands and feet and can have BLINKING EYES as an option (controlled from the lever on the rod arm!)

This Non-Blinking Rick Rack Raccoon can be yours for $499.95

Non-Blinking Rick Rack Body Style:
Rod Arms for Vent / Stuffed Arms:

BLINKING Rick Rack Raccoon!
The Blinking Rick Rack is very EXPRESSIVE raccoon! Use it with our other smaller Raccoon and make a family! It can also help you express wonderful emotions like Lazy, Surprised, Annoyed, Happy, Excited, etc. The control is on the arm rod, so you would choose the side of the puppet your free hand is on. The opposite of the hand in the puppet’s mouth. Blinky Rick Rack is $1299.95

Blinking Rick Rack Raccoon-Body Style
Blinker Control Arm Rod

Rick Rack Raccoon Puppet by Axtell Expressions

This fluffy raccoon is 26″ from bottom to head and your arm enters at the back.
The fur covers the latex head except for the mouth, nose and eyes. A great character for your show.

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