Rocky Fox Puppet

Rocky Fox Puppet
Rocky Fox Puppet glasses up

This is the one and only ROCKY FOX…he’s “Too Cool”. Introduced at KAX he was instantly an audience favorite! 37″ from the tip of his foxy ears to this sneaky feet…he’s too cool. Add him to your show unless he’s too cool for you…..He even comes with the cool sunglasses (elastic band in the back) he’s just $499.95 plus shipping.

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Rod Arms?:

(see blinking Fox option below)

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The Blinking Rocky is very EXPRESSIVE fox! Use it with our other Scarlet O’Fox and make a family! It can also help you express wonderful emotions like Lazy, Surprised, Annoyed, Happy, Excited, etc. The control is on the arm rod, so you would choose the side of the puppet your free hand is on. The opposite of the hand in the puppet’s mouth. Blinky Rocky Fox is $1299.95 plus shipping

Blinking ROCKY FOX - Body Style
Blinker Control Arm Rod

Rocky Fox Puppet Glasses up 2
Rocky Fox Puppet Glasses Up 3
Rocky Fox Puppet with Steve
Rocky Fox Puppet with Steve 2