Super Sprayer

Super Sprayer

Imagine if the puppet you were talking to during a kid show actually sneezed! Imagine water going everywhere, kids going crazy and the adults laughing as they experienced their children’s reaction.

Imagine no more, as Super Sprayer gives you the ability to produce a stream of water from any puppet as an addition, or perhaps the perfect climax to your puppet routine. The best thing? You won’t have to alter, puncture or take apart your puppet in any way.

This is especially great for performers at fairs, festivals, theme parks and outdoor events. Because this gimmick is hand-held, you can control the amount of water squirted, limiting it (or not!) to your environment. It’s time to take the silliness your puppet offers your audience to the next level. Get the Super Sprayer and let the spraying begin.

The gimmick sprayer is refillable and is made the same color as the two bandanas that conceal it! Quality Made!

$39.95 plus shipping

What our customers have to say

"I used the Super Sprayer with Axtell Dragon. His nose was running and he was wiping his nose on me. Told him he needed to use a handkerchief. (I got one and) he blew his nose and all the boys got squirted. It was awesome. Some boys were saying "Hit the deck". At the end, the dragon had to sneeze and kids were bracing for another squirt but smoke came out. Simple and very effective!"
Kelly Wilhelmi