Magic 2 System Support Videos

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UPDATE: Most laptops and computers will no longer properly record audio levels when you plug your transmitter into the mic in jack (like the videos show below). We now recommend that you purchase a USB audio interface to properly allow you to control the gain of your program data when recording.

Here’s an affordable one we have used before:

You can use this 1/8″ to 1/4″ cable to connect your transmitter to the audio interface:


Introduction – The Magic 2 System Components

Powering & Turning it On

Binding Your Character

Selecting the Model & Transmitter LIVE Controls

Pairing Your FOB

CONTROL SYSTEM MENU - (Firmware Date March 18 and After)

Programming Instructions

Important info on recording level before you begin

UPDATE -Due to changes in computer audio cards over the years, you will most likely need an external USB audio card or audio interface to properly record remote control data and audio into your computer. See the video below for proper recording setup. Most computers now won’t properly record without the use of an external sound card.

Part 1 – Connecting the System for Programming 

Selecting the Model & Transmitter LIVE Control

Part 3 – Connecting for Playback and Adjusting Data Sync

Part 4 – Exporting and Playback (Using Media Player)

– Update to Firmware on your Magic Box may be needed for FOB to work.
Software is available free by contacting Tech Support

LITTLE TREE - MAGIC 2 System Tutorials

Unpack and Assemble

Powering and Charging

Playing MagicTrax

Performing Live with Transmitter (Connected to Box)

Binding Tree to Transmitter for Wireless Live Mode

Multi Character System with MediaStar

You must have the Axtell Version of MediaStar to operate the Hands-Free Puppets
Current Software Version of Axtell MediaStar is MediaStar
If you already own regular MediaStar it’s a Free Upgrade
If you do not own MediaStar the Axtell version is is available for $1500
Email Tech Support for More Information

Containing all 3 of the Tracks used in our MediaStar Demo
(Audio Track, Monkey Data Track, Toucan Data Track).

Part 3 – Connecting for Playback and Adjusting Data Sync

Part 4 – Exporting and Playback (Using Media Player)

European and JR DMSS Radio systems

If you have the XG11 Transmitter with a JR DMSS Module here are special instructions for CHANGING MODELS
You have DIFFERENT Models for Programming and LIVE Operation.

Changing Models

Binding the Transmitter to your Character