Terry Dactyl Dinosaur Puppet

Terry Dactyl Dinosaur Puppet
Terry Dactyl Puppet

 A new young Pterodactyl, or Terradactyl we call TERRY DACTYL … it’s just easier! Aren’t you extinct?

Recent Palentolgolist findings is that they had furry coats, so our acrylic fur accents tie it all together with it’s reptilian appearance!

It’s spandex wings are wire poseable into natural spread or folded positions! The tail hangs down in back and covers your arm with fur and spandex. Looks great from ALL angles!

The entire head, belly, legs and hands are latex, the neck is fur so you get great movement and range of motion with this.

The mouth is lined inside with soft foam and fabric for a professional fit. The tongue is covered with fabric to minimize contact and wear.

The Terry Dactyl was designed to fit great on the Bird Arm Illusion so you can walk around with your prehysteric… I mean prehistoric flying dinosaur! Oh did I mention you can create the illusion of flying?

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