The Walking Fred Zombie

The Walking Fred Zombie by Axtell Expressions
"I trapped a little Zombie, I thought that it was dead... I want to show him to you, he is the Walking Fred!"
Zombie Show Paul Gross
Steve Axtell and Paul Gross witness the hideous floating Zombie Head!

This is a “zombie zombie” for those who are already magicians, you know how it works with the flying gimmick. However our gimmick is unique & magnet…our own take on the Zombie Trick!

There are 2 stages to the routine.

PUPPET FRED ZOMBIE – The cloth covers your hand and the head and arms go on over the cloth. As they fall off your hand is hidden under the cloth.
FLOATING FRED ZOMBIE – The cloth is used to help the zombie head fly around with the use of the gimmick. Special thanks to Paul Gross & Shawn McMaster for their magical consultations.

The Mouth does not move… it’s formed in the “open position” so it’s perfect for zombie vocalizations like “RRRRrrrrr”, “Aaaaarrrrhhhh”, “Eeeerrrrrrggghh” etc.and you don’t need to be a Ventriloquist to make it Roar. Those sounds do not require any mouth movement at all. Just hold your mouth slightly open and still while you growl. Enjoy!

NOT for very young children!


Basket with Lid (For right hand. If you need left let us know)
Zombie Head and Arms
Magic Gimmick
Free Zombie Music to perform with! 

There are 2 tracks for the ZOMBIE Routine

Click on the following links to download (right click and select “save/download linked file”).

Zombie Music Track #1 (Intro & fade out)

Zombie Music Track #2 (Funeral to The End)


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Tammy Hamanda with Zombie
Tammy Hamada releasing the zombie!
Pete Michaels with his Zombie
Pete Michaels with his Zombie
Ken Scott with his Zombie
Ken Scott Performing with "Crankenstein" Zombie

Paul Cochrell loving his Zombie!

"It seems that most every time I perform with The Walking Fred, a young child gets scared and starts crying. I came up with a solution last night and it worked. Only time will tell if it will work every time though. A girl was scared of Fred and I assured her we were friends. I told him to take a nap and kissed him on the cheek just as the Rockabye Baby song started. I did the bit and the girl had the biggest smile out of everyone for the rest of the show. Just thought I would pass that on if you find yourself in the same situation".
Paul Cochrell