Animatronic Tikis

The Easy-Talk Dinky Tiki is now available!

The new animatronic Easy-Talk Tiki has moving eyes, mouth, & body! The mouth responds to any audio signal (live microphone or pre-recorded track) and even works with our AI system! No remote control or complicated programming  necessary! Includes silicone tiki! 

$1999.95 plus shipping

BIG TIKI is an animatronic creation that can be operated in many ways… This is simply by remote control. The entry level system is the EZ LIVE version of the BIG TIKI. This comes with a Transmitter radio only for LIVE performance. You supply the talent, the microphone and the speaker. We supply the character and the control system!

-BIG TIKI can be operated by
Remote Control
-BIG TIKI can be a Programmable Animatronic
-BIG TIKI can be a fully functional AI

EZ LIVE – This is brand new and only $15,495!
Place your EZ Live Tiki Deposit $5000
Includes: Eyes (Left /Right),Eyelids Blink, Mouth & Fire!

Place your order with a $5000 Deposit now for the remote control
EZ LIVE version of BIG TIKI!

Our Customer Service Dept will contact you with the balance and arrange production for you!

Hands-Free EZ LIVE Tiki by Axtell Expressions

VENT SYSTEM – BIG TIKI is also available as a VENT SYSTEM for $18,495 with AutoAlive (random eyebrow, eye motion & Fire) and you have control of the mouth and eye direction with a small key FOB!

Click the buy button to place a $5000 deposit. Our Customer Service Dept will contact you with the balance and arrange production for you! Upgradable to AI!

MAGIC2 SYSTEM – If you want a fully programmable animatronic system, this is called our MAGIC2 SYSTEM! It includes the EZ LIVE Transmitter, all the animations – and also the Laptop, FOB remotes, Animation Control System with Vent Feature, MotorMouth, Auto-Alive and More!

This system can be yours for $20,495 plus shipping! Just click the $5000 Deposit button to reserve yours today. Customer Service will contact you with the balance and arrange production for you!

AI - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for the TIKIS! Perfect for Tiki Bars!

AI replies can be customized for any situation! You can even do it yourself!

AI – Artificial Intelligence is an OPTION for the MAGIC2 System!

AI Axtell Intelligence
Yes you can simply connect the system to our Axtell Intelligence Cloud System, and it will fully interact with your guests and audience! Nothing to Program, Nothing the record… we provide it all for you! Ask it anything, and it will answer you for hours of entertaining fun! Read more about it here.

ADD the AI OPTION to your MAGIC2 BIG TIKI as a special order! Contact Customer Service and we’ll add it.

Axtell Intelligence AI TIki

STONE HEAD Little Tiki- From Easter Island!

Stone Head Tiki – Ready for your Tiki Bar or home!

This STONE HEAD MOAI TIKI is available as a fully functional Animatronic AI Character!  It’s smaller and more affordable!

STONE HEAD Comes with Glowing Eyes, Moving Forehead, and Moving Mouth.

(Note this is not upgradeable to our other Magic2 System, this is a unique system all it’s own).


AI is an Option to this amazing Moai Tiki