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Steve Axtell
Patent Pending

This is a performance concept developed by Steve Axtell. They are custom made by our team. First introduced at the KAX Conference in January 2015, this IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE was instantly called a “GAME CHANGER” by many top performers who saw it performed live for the first time!

Entertainers can now perform in a countless different environments with virtural backgrounds only huge productions could afford before now! Great for Magicians, Ventriloquists, Comedians, singers, actors & other stage performers. Only limit is the imagination!

Educators will be able to take the classroom on trips in a time machine to historic places in a classroom, battlefields, Thomas Edison’s lab, Ben Franklin’s home, The White House, etc. So many possiblities.

Ministries will be able to go back into Bible times and tell stories like never before!

Customized for YOUR SHOW!


Showing in San Francisco to sold out crowds and rave reviews! We built the LIVE VIRTUAL SET
for DLUX Puppets who produced a new version of Alice in Wonderland!

Our work on this Includes animated walking into scenes, climbing into tree, falling down the rabbbit hole, growing & shrinking, walking in the forest, embedded music, 3D Animated Characters and more! These backgrounds are available for use in other projects too. Contact Steve for more information!

Here is our latest theaterical project PETER PAN with Derek Lux!!

Original Introduction at our KAX Conference Jan 2015

TOTALLY UNDER YOUR CONTROL – Stay in the different environments as long as you want! When you are ready to walk you trigger the transitions with the foot pedals or FOB.

Many other environments can be made for you:

Circus Tents
Time Travel to Prehistoric World
Balloon Environment World
Magic Theater with back stage room
Jungle Environment
Farm with Barns
Castle with stairs down to a Dungeon
Enchanted Forest
Underwater Adventure, etc.
Exclusive Custom Personalized Worlds can be created
New Rooms & Environiments ordered will be added to our catalog when created

What our customers have to say

"Ground-breaking Steve. Love it!"
Travis J. Hill
"Woa, there is no limit in the imagination, it's great!"
Jean-Michel Aubert
"You got it all...a reputation maker for the entertainer who puts it in to their show."
Bernie Martin
"Like having your own live action green screen effects...beautiful for the right applications and locations...Thanks Steve Axtell!"
Ken Johanson
"Cool ...virtual sets is truly amazing. Well done Steve wow!"
Karl Sandham
"Amazing, truly!"
Derek Lux

Components involved:

Laptop & Software
Axtell LVS Software Media Content
Adjustable Height FRONT BORDER
Foot Pedal Switches or hand FOB remote
Portable Rear Projection Screen
Short Range Video Projector
Props and Puppets you will use (Axtell puppets here)

Axtell LIVE VIRTUAL SETS ® MEDIA CONTENT will be sold as media customized for your show with your own logo!
Multiple environments will be sold as modules. For example going right into the “Scary Room” is module A. Going left to the archway to the exterior castle environment is module B. So this show is Modules A & B. There will be many more coming soon. You can Combine Modules as you like for example A, B, D, Q & Z to create a unique show!

You can combine our programmed Hands-Free Animatronics with Live Virtual Sets in a show! The programming will sync together with the LVS media. Check out our Christmas Tree Production which shows the use of the screen in sync. We have many surprises coming in this area too!

Contact Steve Axtell for more information

NOTE – To keep this concept affordable for you, and to build a library of available environments, we will take module requests and general ideas on a non-exclusive basis and add them to our line as we make them for you. To PERSONALIZE & CUSTOMIZE your show we can use your unique LOGO & IMAGES! We eventually hope make any and all environments available as we go for you to enjoy in your shows!

Another example of something we’re working on!

Many Screen to Reality Characters & Objects Coming!

Gator crawling out of the swamp – pick him up

Bird Flying down – you catch her mid air

Alien in spaceship lands and you pick it up

Shark jumps out of the ocean and you catch it!

No limits! As we get ideas from you we’ll add them to the line

Mystery Boxes & Containers

Walking around you see a box on the screen in the scene. What’s that? You walk toward it and pick it up. Should we open it? It can be ANYTHING inside! Like a puppet or an object of any kind, even a corporate product (new cell phone introduction, soft drink, bag of the latest potato chips, etc.) This frees up the scene so it could be used to present anything, customizing your show for a specific situation or client!


PROJECTOR – Select a “Near Field” or “Short Throw” Projector.

REAR PROJECTION SCREEN – 100-110″ diagonal is best size for portability.
(14 x 9′ have also been used, as well as 3 screens wide creating a 42′ wide IMAX feel!)