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Speech Recognition Meets Axtell Intelligence –
Creating a New Form of Entertainment


Axtell Intelligence is a cloud-based subscription service that brings your Axtell Magic2 Animatronic or Easy-Talk character to life! Your character can have conversations and answer questions without an operator…use one of our voice libraries or record your own custom library of responses!

Subscription cost is $75 a month or $60 a month when paid annually.


Theme Parks – Restaurants – Bars – Events – Trade Shows


On-Screen Kiosks – Video Game Characters – VR – AR

Tons of Axtell AI Features

  • Several Characters
  • Speech Recognition
  • Variety of Responses
  • Can be Customized
  • Time Contextualized
  • Cloud Based Updates
  • Connects to WIFI
  • Turn on and it works
  • Works with Digital &
    Virtual Characters
  • Works with Costume Characters
  • Sleep & Break Scheduler
  • Automatic Updates
  • Report of Most Asked Questions

What our customers have to say

"I can’t say enough about what you’ve achieved with your A.I.This TRULY qualifies as ‘game changing’ . What a compelling and delightful customer connection for retail businesses of many kinds. You’ve set the bar so high (and cleared it), you likely have created your own category with a level of artistry, technology and entertainment that truly stands out from anything I’ve seen."
Steve Petra
"I saw this in person today and interacted with him, and wow, holy cow, it’s beyond amazing!This is a game changing innovation.Congratulations Steve this was even better than I expected it could be !!"
Christopher Weed - Producer / Entertainer

Our AI Characters Interact and entertain your customers while talking about your IP or Brand!

Self running – Interactive – Conversational – Autonomous – Hilarious!

Themed Entertainment – Stores – Restaurants – Greeters – Trade Shows – Events – Education- Training – Therapy

DO YOU QUALIFY as a good candidate for Axtell AI?

1. You will need good WIFI to connect to the cloud
2. You will need a technical person to watch and learn from our tutorials
3. You will need to set it up and adjust settings to the computer

Contact Steve for more information

The only trigger needed is your voice! Speech Recognition is picked up by the microphone and our proprietary system does the rest! It hears the questions or commands and responds back with the appropriate voice comment as it animates our electro-mechanical character. There’s no pushing buttons, no menu of choices or actions, no “okay google” you just TALK and it WORKS!


Hardware: A Magic2 Animatronic character system, or our more affordable Easy-Talk system, and your own laptop and speaker system. (An optional USB conference microphone may work better than your computer’s built in microphone.)
 (cloud based speech recognition, Axtell AI access via WIFI)

Voice Library (use one of ours, or record your own using our DIY AI interface)

The result is magical and because of our unique electronics the performance is never the same twice!

We have experimented with recording thousands of voice samples to create our own SAPI Synth voice like Siri or Alexa or Bixby and found the results to be incredibly boring. Our goal is entertainment – and keeping the audience engaged, not answering questions with Wikipedia or what the weather is! Not for us. Character is KING and unless the audience connects in a real way with the character it’s dead.

To keep spectators talking and laughing it needs to feel REAL… the CHARACTER is as important as the TECH. So we painstakingly pre-record organic voice replies to anticipate the most asked questions and store that as the basic library. But it doesn’t stop there! Our system can collect data of what’s asked by people so that it can be updated with a constant growing library of new responses.
The result will continue to be more mind blowing as it grows for each of our clients!

Foreign Languages are no problem! Over 120 supported with your own custom commands and your foreign lanugage recordings using our Custom Interface!

This is Denmark producer Peter Norgaard preparing some Danish AI ATTRACTIONS

Watch these reactions to our AI CHICKEN!!
The First Axtell AI in the world at Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe –
Pigeon Forge, TN.

The advantage of crafting our own voice replies is not only far more entertaining, but allows your brand or messages to be integrated into the conversation! It can casually talk about your products, your venue, the features YOU want…. and because it’s a closed system, you can trust it is SAFE for kids and families. It’s not going to access the web for it’s answers and embarrass you or your patrons. Simply put it ROCKS!

We have engineered appropriate time of day responses, for example – if you say “Hello” the character can reply with a variety of greetings such as “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening” depending on the time of day!

Holiday or seasonal greetings and themes can change depending on time of the year as well! You might want to focus on a special menu or product in the first quarter, then change it to another in the second quarter….. Even topical replies can be integrated based on national or local news. Whatever is important for your own use.

Also more than one reply is possible to a question, for example if you say “Tell me a joke” it replies with Joke 1 – then if you say “Tell me another joke” it tells Joke 2, etc. We can even have it getting more and more excited or annoyed! And just like in real life,if you ask “what are you doing?” it might say “Well, I’m just talking to you” or “Not much, what are you doing?”, etc. The possibilities are endless and it’s all done with the voice, chuckles, personality and attitude of the different characters. The best part of our system is the reaction from people interacting!

Our AI works with our affordable Easy-Talk System as well as our more advanced Hands-Free System

Animatronic Tikis

TALKING TIKI AI – Ready for Tiki bars and Tropical Themes!

Tiki Caliente
Our Tikis and Macaw were part of an party attraction at Tiki Caliente conference May 2019 and won first place for the host company VentTiki.

AI & Animatronic Tikis at Tiki Caliente

LITTLE TIKI MOAI from Easter Island ready for your Tiki Bar

Animatronic AI Christmas Tree

This amazing AI Christmas Tree can interact at your business, holiday events, parties and draw big crowds!

We have a few different styles of Christmas Trees here.

Our focus is on Character

We are not trying to provide the most movements or make the most realistic human-like robot. There are many other companies that are doing that, and they have our respect. We are making affordable, funny, entertaining AI character systems that explode with personality, keeping the tech as simple as possible so you can afford to own one!

CUSTOM AI CHARACTERS can be made for your Licensed Characters or IP Brands, and you can provide the AI voice with your chosen voice actor. It WILL BE your character come to life! See our custom work here.

We have joined forces with some of the best tech companies in the world to provide us with custom software, electronics, servos, and more…. and the results are incredible!

If you would like to own one of these for your own store, restaurant, business or event, you can! If you already own one of our Hands-Free Magic2 Animatronics, this will plug in to the system, and you don’t even need to send it back for modification! Contact us for more information!

If you already have a corporate mascott brand character and would like it to be made in an AI animatronic so it can talk to your guests like this, we can make your dreams come true!.
If you need your famous character with a specific voice, we can work with your voice actor to build the library of responses.
If you want to experience one of these in person we can arrange a visit to our studio in Ventura, California.

Beyond animatronics, we can embed our AI system into Costume Characters so they can interact with guests in real time (with the real character voice!) and it works with digital characters too. Now video game characters can interact with speech recognition and reply with natural voices in real time!

Bring your 3D character models to life with interactive kiosks in Theme Parks, Malls and Restaurants as an alternative to animatronics.

What our customers have to say

"From the genius who brought us the Magic Drawing Board and practically every puppet character you can think of, meet Axtell Intelligence!"
Mark Daniel - Producer KIDabra & KAX Conferences
Bret Roberts
"Wow. That is incredible"
Larry Colombo

Photos of our AI Cluck Chicken at the Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe