Custom Animatronics & Hands-Free Characters

We can design a custom character exclusively for your attraction or location based entertainment concept! These can be stand-alone attractions or tied into your theme & integrate with previous installations.

Email Steve with your idea and include any drawings of photos to help with communicating your dream! We can make your animatronic dreams come true!

Contact Steve Axtell

Animatronic Attractions in the UK features this Custom Monster “Mayhem” plus many more Axtell animatronic creations!


Head Nod (up / down)
Head Rotate (left / right)
Head Tilt (left / right)
Mouth (open / close)
Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion
Arms, shoulders, elbows
Moving Eyes
Blinking Eyelids
Moving Wings
Moving Ears
Moving Legs
….no limitations to what’s possible!

Custom Animatronic Wally Bear

Custom Routines and Songs can be Produced by us as well!

An Animatronic Customized DODO

Custom Caricature / Look-Alikes are a Specialty!

Custom animatronics can be exclusive to the customers with media & use rights included. A Product License can be obtained as well for TShirts, Toys, etc.