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If you work with kids and families in a church setting, or in a church school, you have challenges that we are very aware of. Steve Axtell has been very involved in Christian ministry, created puppets for Big Idea’s VeggieTales, as well as many video productions including the Donut Man, Prayer Bear with Steve Green, The Knock Knock Show and ImagineLand which are broadcast all over the world.

Axtell puppets are amazing, top-quality characters that your audience will never forget. Using characters….real characters is what it’s all about.

“It’s like bringing a superstar into the class every week!”

We not only serve large puppet teams at super churches with sets of our amazing puppets, and professional Gospel ventriloquists with unique custom characters, but we also serve the individual teacher or missionary who can only afford one really cool puppet for their class and needs tools to help them get started.


We hear this from a lot of our customers….”I am not a ventriloquist, I don’t have a puppet team at our church, and I don’t have time to organize one, I don’t want to set up and tear down a puppet stage every week, so how can I get started using your puppets in my classroom, VBS, or Children’s Church?”

We have help! Many puppet companies have well produced pre-recorded CDs for church puppet shows. Most require a puppet team with 4-5 characters and a big stage &set up….

Our products make great teaching tools for fire safety, health, education, bicycle & helmet safety, and much more! 


We have now produced a series of CDs called “AxTrax” which are for one puppeteer and one puppet.  No set up!  Just memorize the routine and perform your lines live.  

The puppet’s voicesound effects and music are all on the CD!  This is your chance to bring an amazing Axtell puppet to life in your classroom!  

Each AxTrax “Wide Open” CD has 5 different character voices to choose from.  Professional studio recordings, with music from award-winning Greg Jackson.  Take a listen and see for yourself how it works.

VBS – Sunday School – Children’s Church – or ANY TIME!

We have several general family-friendly routines as well as Gospel / Church related routines….all very funny and light.. allowing for a great introduction to various topics.  They are great for giving you the set up you need to get attention and lead into futher teaching by you or the class leader.

Check out AxTrax Now!

What our customers have to say

"Axtell's are the most 'character sensitive' puppets out there - bar none. Your creations make you want to get to know them. More than being "cute" or "well-made" or "beautiful" even, yours are gorgeous CHARACTERS. Puppets should make you want to know them not just look at them. Yours do. "
Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes, creator of Gerbert.
"Thank you for your dedication to excellence at Axtell Expressions. In the years that we have been entertaining children and families, your characters have always been the hit of the show and because your characters are much more colorful and lifelike, we have decided to sell off our wooden figures and use only Axtell characters.."
Puppets for Ministry
Jill A. Bryan Jillybean Enterprises Inc.
"I had 8 minutes in a performers' showcase. I used your puppets and got 60 calls for that summer! A workman needs great tools and yours are the best!"
Tony Borders
Tony Borders
"I used (The Magic Drawing Board) today for a class in church. The reaction from the kids when the eyes started moving was priceless. When it started talking they were so amazed that they couldn't even talk, they just stared at the board. What a kick! I'm going to enjoy this. Thanks."
Bruce Harry
If you have been putting off getting a great puppet for your Sunday School or VBS now is the time and I am going to give you a few reasons why they should be Axtell puppets:Axtell puppets are so portable - you don't need an expensive case to buy - just pop it into a bag. The most important reason to purchase an Axtell puppet are the children. This is your chance to get through to them in a way the kids will really enjoy and be excited to come to Sunday School.I have found using a puppet in the class brings another dimension to the lessons -- You seem to work less and enjoy it more because with a regular use of a puppet a pattern is set.Puppets are just plain fun and that is important for the teaching of the Bible be a fun experience too. If the teacher is excited the kids will be too.Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a child you have taught with your puppet - really remember the lesson for the rest of their life - and know you had a big part in their spiritual growth.My Axtell elephant Lizzie is perfect for memory verses -- after all an elephant never forgets -- right?
Ministry 1
Denise Ivy

Here are some ideas you can use with our puppets in Church

Use our Bible Puppet Character (small or Large) to teach verses, or use it as a Song Book to teach songs!

We have Christian Ed. themed AxTrax Wide Open available for any Axtell puppet.

Use our Dinostar or Ape Puppets to teach about Creation!

Use our Barnyard Animals in a Nativity at Christmas!

Use our Elephant puppet to help teach memory verses!

Use our Magic Drawing Board, to bring any Bible Character to life!

Use our MOUTH puppets to teach about our lips singing praise!

Use Duncan the Donut to sing along with Donut Man Songs!

Use our Bird Puppets to sing “I’ll Fly Away” or teach Bible stories from a Birds Eye View.

Use our Ostrich puppet to teach how Christians should not keep their head in the sand.

Use the Turtle Puppet to teach not to hide from truth.

Use our Vulture puppet as an evil bird character..from the dark side.

Use our Parrot puppet to have the kids teach memory verses to.

Use our Bear puppet as “Gladly the Cross-eyed Bear” (think about it).

Our Possum puppet has a funny AxTrax called “Possum goes to Church”!

Our Lion Puppet has an AxTrax that teaches the Lord’s Prayer.

Use our Pig Puppet to teach moderation and respect for the body, God’s temple.

Use the Old Storyteller to tell Bible stories, or as an old preacher who forgets his place in the sermon!

Need more ideas about a specific puppet?  Email Steve