Meet the Funny Flamingo!

Funny Flamingo by Axtell Expressions

Introducing our larger-than-life, hilariously flamboyant Funny Flamingo Puppet! Standing 5 feet tall and proud, this majestic creature brings a burst of color and laughter to any event or performance. With its vibrant plumage, comically oversized beak, and wobbly legs, our flamingo is sure to steal the show and capture the hearts of audiences of all ages. Whether you’re doing ventriloquism, doing a walkaround in a parade, or simply looking to add some whimsy to your next gathering, our Flamingo Puppet is the perfect feathered friend to make your event unforgettable! Hand enters at the back at the base of the neck, hold him up and let his legs dangle!   Get ready to flock to fun with our fabulous Funny Flamingo!  


Easy-Talk Dinky Tiki

Animatronic Dinky Tiki

The new animatronic Easy-Talk Tiki has moving eyes, mouth, & body! The mouth responds to any audio signal (live microphone or pre-recorded track) and even works with our AI system! No remote control or complicated programming necessary! Includes silicone tiki!

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Sammy the Snail Puppet!

Snail Puppet with Steve Axtell

Meet our newest character, Sammy the Snail!

Sammy the Snail Puppet may be the star of your next show! Latex head, hard shell, and soft cloth body. Right hand enters the puppet to control the head and wiggle the eyes while the left hand can be used to control the tail! Approximately 28″ long.

This adorable and goofy snail can be yours for $624.95