Pro Silicone Upgrade!

Silicone Department

We now offer a PRO SILICONE UPGRADE for any of our puppet characters! Silicone will last for decades and has superior paint adhesion, as well as stretch and flex properties. It is double the cost of our standard latex puppets because of the complexity of working with silicone and it’s special paints and glues, but that is easily justified for those of you who are working your puppets hard and depending on them for your professional career. Just tell our Customer Service Department that you want the PRO SILICONE UPGRADE! Email them at or call 805 642-7282 to get started.

Axtell’s Attic

Axtell's Attic

We are cleaning the studio and have found some rare hidden treasures that we are going to make available to our loyal customers! We are announcing these ONLY on the Axtell Expressions Facebook Page, (not the Axtell Entertainer’s Group) so make sure to LIKE THAT PAGE to be notified when our next Axtell’s Attic is announced! It’s an on-line live auction format and lot’s of FUN! Here is our first treasure the VINYL VERNS available for a limited time here! Be watching for our next Axtell’s Attic on Facebook!

New Cat Design

New Cat Design

We just made this Himalayan cat modification for a customer and it is now available on the Alley Cat page! Enjoy!

AI Christmas Tree!

This Christmas Tree is using our new AI Feature powered by Axtell Intelligence and uses Speech Recognition to talk to the crowd! Perfect for any large holiday events. Use it ALL YEAR as a standard Pine Tree for Environmental Shows and Events!