Customization Pricing Guide

Do you want us to customize your puppet? Here’s a list of common customization options and pricing.
Contact us if you have questions and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Customized Fur or Fur Changes:

(Example: green skunk instead of black and white, purple chimp).

$100 if we have the fur option in stock.

$250 for out of stock fur options we need to shop for.

Additional $100 fee for a pattern change (if required).

(Example: a bird with a longer body, a skunk without a stripe on its back, etc.)

Customized Painting

-no charge for stock skin color change (white, black, brown).

$100 if we have to match a photo, or provide more detailed custom skin color painting.

$50-300 for customized painting options depending on the complexity

(Example: $50 for custom “make up paint” like eye shadow, freckles, etc, more for a rainbow painted unicorn or blue rabbit).

Custom Additions:

Eye lashes- $75

Wire in the hand- $35 a hand, $70 a pair

Magnets in hand – $50 a pair, $25 a hand

Different Eyes/Eye Color- free if we have the eye option in stock. If we don’t have them in stock, we can’t do the change.

Adjustments for extra large hands (stretching latex, larger arm holes etc)- $50 (Additional $100 if a pattern change is needed).

Removable Hair Option (Velcro)- $50

Removable Hair Option (Magnets)- $100

Add stock wig to puppet- $100

(Example: Put a curly Diva wig on Willy puppet).

Blinking/Moving Eyes- Please email us for information.

Hand/Feet Substitute- $150

(Example: Willy hands on Diva body).

Body Substitute- $250

(Example: for Diva puppet with a Willy body).

Sideburns/facial hair- $50 if we use fur or fabric in stock.

Custom Outfits & Accessories:

Clothing, Jewelry, shoes & accessory options we need to source and shop for: Triple the item cost.

Custom wigs: Triple the item cost.

Custom made clothing by our staff: Starts at $300.