Easy-Talk | Fun. Simple. Affordable!

Our Easy-Talk 2 servo animatronic system provides randomized head left/right movement along with audio triggered mouth movement …no complicated programming or handheld remote necessary! It is designed to work with a variety of Axtell puppets.

The “motormouth lite” feature (similar to our Magic2 system) provides automatic mouth movement when triggered by audio, like a pre-recorded routine, a live microphone input, or even our AI Speech Recognition Library! You can also trigger pre-recorded vocal responses from mobile phones or DJ apps!

The Easy-Talk works with modified AxTrax Routines as well!

Simply record audio (even a voice memo works) and plug your audio device into the Easy-Talk system for instant mouth movement! Use the provided audio splitter to send 1 audio channel to your Easy-Talk base, and the other to a speaker. This unit is simple and affordable…and FUN!

Great for Teachers, Educators, Church Leaders, and Entertainers looking for an affordable and simple to use animatronic option.

Comes complete with Easy-Talk System
(now with upgraded servos), wall power adapter, battery pack (uses 4 AA batteries), and audio aux cable with splitter

We also optional include sheet foam that is needed to stuff inside around your puppet to customize the fit. A bit in the head area and around the belly.

(Note: The Easy-Talk is designed to fit a variety of Axtell puppets, so some may fit better than others).

The Axtell Easy-Talk starts at $2699.95 plus shipping

(puppet not included)

All servos make some noise when they work, but we have used sound dampening materials on them to help reduce it. Your best distraction from servo sound when performing is to have the character talk loudly when the mouth servo is moving, and use background music. In your SHOW when the character comes to life and is talking, the audience is just having fun being entertained.

Entry Style:

Works with our AI System as show below!

TWO CATEGORIES - Bottom Entry & Back Entry

BOTTOM ENTRY Easy-Talk – Examples
Works with bottom entry puppets. A variety of tested Axtell puppets include: Birds: (VernVernaDodoBuzzardBuffy, BennyParrotCockatooRooster & ChickenCrowVincent Vulture, Starter Toucan, Toucan) and our bottom entry Animals: ( Raccoon & PossumSquirrel,Cheeky Monkey, Snake Puppet).

BACK ENTRY Easy-Talk – (For SEATED puppets & BIRDS!) – Examples of tested Axtell puppets include
Dazzle DuckDragonDinoRabbit, Elephant, etc

NOTE – The Easy-Talk is designed to fit a variety of puppets, and some may fit better than others. When fitting a puppet to these units is important that the mouth does not clamp down tight, there needs to be a gap or damage could occur to the puppet’s mouth. Contact us if you notice anything that needs adjustment to fit correctly. Let us know if you have any questions.

Also the strain of a tight neck turning left and right can affect the life of the neck servo. Make sure you have a loose neck, or that the puppet’s body moves with the head turn to reduce any stress.

Stress from fitting a puppet with either of these issues will void the warranty for the EasyTalk System. Check with our Tech Team first.

Easy-Talk Dinky Tiki

Animatronic Dinky Tiki

The new animatronic Easy-Talk Dinky Tiki has moving eyes, mouth, & body! The mouth responds to any audio signal (live microphone or pre-recorded track) and even works with our AI system! No remote control or complicated programming  necessary! Includes silicone tiki! 

$2999.95 plus shipping

Easy-Talk Rabbit in a Hat

EASY-TALK RINGO RABBIT in a HAT comes with the Animatronic Ringo with 2 motions, built into a Hat, wall power adapter and battery pack, audio cables and splitter. All in for $3299.95 plus shipping.

Easy-Talk Diva

While our Diva puppet does not fit stock on an Easy-Talk, we can build you an Easy-Talk Diva! A bottom entry Easy-Talk unit is permantly installed inside a modified Diva puppet (you cannot pull the puppet off), which allows her to keep her glamorous appearance!

Starts at $3299.95 plus shipping.

Note - Order a DIVA with BOTH Latex Bare Shoulders and Latex Legs options and we will give you a FREE DRESS!Just ask for it!

Eye Color
Rod Arm