Snake Puppet

Ssidney the Ssilly Snake Puppet!  You’ll make hissstory with thisss Ssnake!  “Not all snakes are poisonous you know!”  There is a wire in the body so you can bend him around your arm or own body.  Give him a lissssp!  Use him in a show about reptiles, stranger danger, a show about temptation, etc.  Can work with Bird Arm Illusion.  Colors will alway be changing!  95″ long hand enters at base of neck.. and the price issssss $399.95 plus shipping.  

2 color choices available – Email customer service for details

Fabrics are based on availability and subject to change.

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sSsidney works great on our bottom entry Easy-Talk animatronic!
Mike Guthrie - Snake Puppet with Bird Arm Illusion
Mike Guthrie using a bird arm illusion with his snake.