Not a Ventriloquist | Using Axtell Puppets with Magic

You are a MAGICIAN not a VENTRILOQUIST, so how can you use our amazing puppets & Magic Drawing Board?  No Problem!

With our AxTrax Routines on CD, you can add the VARIETY and FUN of our puppets by working with our professionally produced

Axtrax Routines


Professional Voices

Sound Effects

Intro & Exit Music

Fun Fast paced 6 min routines!

all ready for your next show!

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“How to Add Puppets to Your Magic Act”

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Pro Magicians Use Axtell

Joseph Gabriel
David Ginn
David Allen
Barry Mitchell
Ken Scott
Trixie Bond
Steve Kissell
Steve Varro
Dennis Michael
B.J. Hickman
…and thousands more!

Our products are seen on stage in Las Vegas, at the Magic Castle, and on television world-wide!

Vern with Bird Arm Illusion
The Bird Arm Illusion


Check out our hands-free animatronic characters!

What our customers have to say

"I can't recommend the axtrax stuff enough. I don't have the board, I use a puppet and some of the wide open traxs. They all get great reactions and lots of laughter."
Chad C. from The Magic Cafe
"I just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with the items I have purchased from your company and the children LOVE my show!!! My opening trick is the "off the meter" and my encore presentation is "the magic drawing board". It's only my third year as a magician...but people think that I do magic as a profession."
Quijuan Maloof SF, CA
"AxTrax CDs allowed me to have an extremely entertaining routine with my puppets in very little time. I do not vent but wanted to bring puppetry into my act and shows. The skits are very entertaining and the music and sound effects are very high quality. For those entertainers like myself that want a quality, solid routine that NEVER fails to bring smiles and laughter, I ALWAYS recommend AxTrax. I use Axtrax for Vern and The Magic Drawing Board with great success. From the very young to the very old, they all applaud and enjoy my AxTax routines. The smiles they bring are worth MUCH more than what I paid for them. These routines are so good and ready to use, that they give me more time to concentrate on my other, more challenging routines and show material".
Dale R Carter - C&D Magic Productions

Ken Scott performing with the Magic Drawing Board & AxTrax.

Lou Hilario
Hilario's Magic, Puppet & Parrot Show Metro Manila, Philippines
"Great news i am now the UK children's entertainer of the Year 2004, the show was fantastic and everything went according to plan, i was approached by so many magicians after the show all saying that they thought i would definitely for the Remote Control Drawing Board, i was pretending it was a normal board, and then walked away!!It was then a fantastic sound off over 600 magicians all gasping in disbelief at the same time, it was out of this world, after the show everyone that come up to me wanted to know about the remote board, so i have directed them all to your web site."(David also performed with our Real McCaw Parrot in his act.)"Two words to describe the Remote Magic Drawing Board .... FAN - TASTIC!""The board is very well made and also not too heavy, The eraser - transmitter is Pure Genius, and not what I was expecting at all, it is very easy to use and very subtle. The case that it comes in very professional and looks great, and from a performers point of view is excellent & practical.The Large easel is very good and light weight, The whole unit is exceptional. I used it in my show this evening and it went down a storm!! Loud cheers and gasps of amazement from everyone , it was brilliant, everyone commented after the show!"
David Allen
David Allen
1st place at BLACKPOOL! UK Children's Entertainer of the Year 2004 with Remote Board! Magic Roundabout Entertainment


Many people ask me how they can use a puppet in their magic show if they are not a ventriloquist…

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED by Ventriloquism! Please don’t think you must be a vent to use a puppet. No vent is better than bad vent! Good ones ROCK, but if you are not good….don’t attempt to do it on stage until you are GOOD!

Instead…. you have a lot of OPTIONS on how you can use a puppet in your show….


1. WHISPER TECHNIQUE. Tell your audience that your puppet is shy. Have the puppet whisper in your ear. Now you tell the audience what he says. As you tell them, he could be shaking his head “yes”. Sometimes get it wrong and he double takes at you! This technique is really fun and requires no voice!

2. ALL ACTION. All Manipulation no voice. No whispering. Just actions that convey the obvious thoughts of the puppet. This can really be fun. The puppet can do a lot without saying anything and it can be the best part of your show. Watch this video of Bill DeMar & Feldon the Frog and you’ll get the concept of “All Action”.


1. TURN YOUR HEAD AND TALK – When the puppet is talking, turn your head sideways looking at the puppet….this will hide your mouth and misdirect attention to the puppet creating a strong illusion. DON’T SWEAT IT! If you try to fake vent, and are not skilled yet, you will draw attention to your awkward mouth positions and poor clarity. The audience will be uncomfortable and will be looking at the lack of skill. Kids will even say “you’re doing the voice!” It will not be your greatest moment. So just be a puppeteer and move your mouth (looking at the puppet) and they will immediately let it go and get into the puppet character.

2. VENT YOUR FEELINGS – You can do it! It took me 3 months but I didn’t do it publicly for a year….now I’ve been doing it for 20 and am pretty comfortable in most situations. You can start by avoiding any hard words… keep it very short and simple and build as you go. We have a lot of teaching books and DVDs that will help you learn this exciting art!

3. TECHNOLOGY BABY! USE AxTrax ROUTINES ON CD! We have put together VERY FUNNY routines on CD with the puppet’s voice, sound effects, a song and music for you. You can easily put them on your IPOD or sound control system. When you perform with the CDs in your show, it looks like you and the puppet are talking! They are used by hundreds of professionals in their shows. I have a video and more info at

I am not saying do not learn vent….I am saying LEARN VENT but while you are learning you can rock and roll with puppets in your magic show…..NOW!

Steve Axtell

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Watch this amazing video of Bill DeMar performing with a puppet without using any spoken language!  it is SO FUNNY!  Listen to the kids laughing…they are listening!