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Axtell Expressions is a design studio specializing in characters, animatronics & puppets, A.I, and interactive displays.

Starting July 1, some of our Legacy Characters will be moving into the Axtell Vault and become unavailable for regular ordering! While they may become available for limited releases in the future, NOW is the time to order before the vault closes on July 1. CLICK HERE to see what characters will continue to be available for regular ordering.

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You can Learn to be a Ventriloquist Free!
We also have AxTrax Ventriloquist Routines!

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Welcome to Axtell Expressions – one of the world’s leading puppet makers.  Our Puppets, Ventriloquist Figures, Magic Tricks & Animatronics are used all over the world in:
• Theme Parks
• Restaurants
• Churches
• Schools
• Television
• Broadway
• Las Vegas Stages
• Ventriloquist Shows
• Puppet Productions


Children and adults love Axtell puppets!  We offer “hand puppets”, “mouth puppets”, and “ventriloquist puppets” (or as they’re sometimes referred to as “ventriloquist figures” or “ventriloquist dummies”).  Thousands of ventriloquists and other performers in the entertainment industry find Axtell puppets to be the some of the finest, top-of-the-line puppets in the world!

Steve Axtell and his team have been building custom puppets and animatronics for years. This website is a huge puppet-related web resource!

Our puppets are built from a variety of specialized materials such as:
Fleece & Exotic Fabrics

We have over 100 puppet characters including:
“The Old Storyteller Puppet” – a very popular ventriloquist figure!
“The P-P-Platypus Puppet” used in Edutainment
Vern the Bird” – used with the very popular magic prop bird arm illusion!
Youcan Toucan Puppet“, “Ed Nerd“, Koo-ee Koala Puppet
“The Amazing Apes” Puppets, Ostrich Puppet,
• and many more stage puppets and professional ventriloquist figures!

We’ve also created original magic tricks and comedy props:
Magic Drawing Board
Bird Arm Illusion
Off the Meter
Walking Fred Zombie

We also have:
AxTrax puppet and professional ventriloquist routines
• puppet scripts
• and much more!

Axtell Expressions Puppets is always innovating and pushing the envelope with cutting edge technology too.  Our Hands-Free Remote Control Puppets are breaking new ground for performers all over the world with new animatronics, and the Live Virtual Sets provides a low cost amazing solution to high tech visual performances!