Elephant Puppet

Elephant Puppet
Elephant Puppet by Axtell Expressions

Peanut the Elephant may be the star of your next show! He or she has quite an appetite but is very light weight! Latex head, floppy fabric ears. 30″ from the tuft of feathery gray hair to it’s big bottom. Tail has a tuft of black fur on it! Even has a belly button on it’s tummy! Hand enters at back.

Elephant Splash

Imagine squirting your audience with up to a 20 foot stream of water!  You can produce 10-15 squirts out of this powerful sqeeze bulb! If you want him to be innocent make him squirt when he sneezes, “oh excuse me!” – or just blast them!

This is not a cheap squirter like you’ve seen in novelty gags, it’s a sophisticated no-spill system with a quick disconnect fitting at the bulb for refilling to keep your elephant dry. Comes with a refill tube and instructions. A big splash for $199.95

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