The Dinkys | Small Characters with BIG Personalities!

The Dinkys by Axtell Expressions

The Dinkys are a new family of small characters from Axtell Expressions!

We are starting out by launching with the DINKY MONKEYS! There will be tons of new DINKY Characters coming soon so plan to COLLECT THEM ALL!

Your hand goes directly into the back of the head for instant access and loads of fun! Small enough to carry with you or to use on a table top for virtual shows!

Introductory Pricing!

Axtrax Routines
Download Dinky Axtrax HERE!

NEW! Dinky Frog "Popcorn"

The Dinkys 1

Order POPCORN here! $129.95

NEW! Dinky Owl "Spotlight"

Dinky Owl "Spotlight"

Order SPOTLIGHT here! $129.95

NEW! Dinky Beaver "Bravo"

Dinky Beaver "Bravo"

Order BRAVO here! $129.95

Popcorn, Spotlight, and Bravo originally created for Discover Magic’s “Magic Explorers” program.

Colors and fabric may favor.

Dinky Elf

Order your Dinky Elf here for $179.95

Dinky Monkey

Order Brown Dinky Monkey Here! $129.95

Dinky Lion

Dinky Lion Black

Order the Dinky Lion Black Here! $129.95

Dinky Cheetah

Dinky Cheetah by Axtell Expression

Order the DINKY Cheetah here! $99.95

Dinky Tiger

The Dinky Tiger by Axtell Expressions

Order the DINKY Tiger here! $129.95

Dinky Rabbit


Order the DINKY RABBIT White here! $129.95

Dinky Monster

Dinky Monster by Axtell

Order the DINKY MONSTER Purple & Green here! $129.95

Dinky Frog

Dinky Frog Green

Order the DINKY FROG with Green Hair here! $129.95

Dinky Dino (D-Rex)

The Dinky T Rex

Order the DINKY T REX here! $129.95

Dinky Tiki

Dinky Tiki

Order the DINKY Tiki here! $149.95

Dinky Accessories

The Dinkys 2The Dinkys 3

Use this Accordion Wall Hanger (on Amazon) to store your Dinkys!

CLICK HERE for free step-by step instructions and materials links to build your own Dinky Stand…holds 5 or 10 Dinkys!

ZooFactory Dinky Clothes
ZooFactory Dinky Clothes
Dinky Talk Animatronic System

Our DINKY TALK (Easy-Talk for Dinkys) is a 2 servo animatronic system provides randomized head left/right movement along with audio triggered mouth movement …no complicated programming or handheld remote necessary! It will bring a Dinky puppet to life in a matter of seconds!

The “motormouth lite” feature (similar to our Magic2 system) provides automatic mouth movement when triggered by audio, like a pre-recorded routine, a live microphone input, or even our AI Speech Recognition Library ! You can also trigger pre-recorded vocal responses from mobile phones or DJ apps!  

The Easy-Talk works with modified AxTrax Routines as well (like the Banana Song routine).  

Simply record audio (even a voice memo works!) and plug your audio device into the Easy-Talk system for instant mouth movement! Use the provided audio splitter to send 1 audio channel to your Easy-Talk base , and the other to a speaker. This unit is simple and affordable…and FUN! Great for Teachers, Educators, Church Leaders, and Entertainers look for an affordable amd simple to use animatronic option.

Comes complete with DINKY Easy-Talk System, wall power adapter, battery pack (uses 4 AA’s), and audio aux cables with splitter.

We also include sheet foam that could be used to stuff inside around your puppet to customize the fit. A bit in the head.

The Axtell Dinky-Talk starts at $978.95 plus shipping (puppet not included)

The new animatronic Easy-Talk Dinky Tiki has moving eyes, mouth, & body! The mouth responds to any audio signal (live microphone or pre-recorded track) and even works with our AI system! No remote control or complicated programming  necessary! Includes silicone tiki! 

$1999.95 plus shipping