Belfry the Bat Puppet

Belfry the Bat Puppet

This is very Spooky!
Belfry Bat
 … a great new puppet for Halloween shows! Or use him to talk about healthy blood in school shows! Afterall, he’s an expert!

The head and feet are latex, the neck and body is fur so you get great movement and range of motion with this.

The mouth is lined inside with soft foam and fabric for a professional fit. The tongue is covered with fabric to minimize contact and wear.

The Belfry Bat was designed to fit great on the Bird Arm Illusion so you can walk around with your bat on your arm! 

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Vikki Gasko with her Bat
Vikki Gasko with her Bat
Jason Davitt with Belfry
This is an example of a "Mash up". Jason Davitt saw our Rat and thought it would make a great Bat. He was right!
Lorenzo d'amelia with his Bat Puppet
Lorenzo d'Amelio - Italy