Frizzle & Frazzle the Frizzle Chicken Puppets

Frizzle & Frazzle the Frizzle Chickens
Frizzle & Frazzle Chicken Puppets

Frizzle and Frazzle are 2 Frizzle Chickens that will wake up your audience with colorful laughter! Approximately 17-18″.

Beautifully painted latex head and feet, their feather like fur, spakling eyes and amazing bouncy head feathers are premium features that make them stand out as WOW!!!!

See them performing with Henrietta, Cluck, Fred and Freida in our Animatronic videos here!

Frizzle and Frazzle hand puppets are available together or separately. $399.95 each

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Frizzle Chicken Puppet
Frazzle Chicken Puppet

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