Green Machine

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GREEN MACHINE – Comes with Green Machine, Yellow & Orange Trash Tube, Secret Gimmick, Sound Effects on Mp3 & Instructions!

Purchase the Green Machine Only (Tree kits not inlcuded) $249.95



Tree & Holiday Theme Kit for the
Green Machine (not included)

Green Machine Christmas Box

True story. My dad made me my first “Square Circle” magic trick when I was a kid. I’ve been in love with the concept ever since so I had to build my own version for you to use! Turn your Green Machine into a “Christmas Magic Box” for your Holiday Shows! You will be able to swap out the spinner for one with holiday colors, and put a slip cover over your tube to make it look spectacular for the holidays! Produce several items then end with our new amazing effect…. The huge potted Christmas Tree Production which leaves you totally clean with no gimmicks to hide!

You can also expand the trick by additionally producing your own items like Christmas bulbs, holiday banners, toys, gifts, candy canes for the kids and for the big finale’ our Christmas Tree! Once the Tree is produced it can be set to the side and stay part of your set, making your Holiday show Spectacular!

The Christmas Tree Kit includes

“Magic Christmas Tree” appearing tree prop with wood base

Shiny “Glitterball” fabric slip cover for your big tube!

Plastic Spinner with Candy Cane style arrows for your box!

Velcro fabric gimmick add-on for the “tree pot”

MP3 “Magic Christmas Box” music by Greg Jackson
in the above video as a free download here.

This Christmas Kit only is $229.95
(Does not include the Green Machine Trick $249.95) :

Green Machine Clean
You are left CLEAN - Nothing to Hide!

Ideas to help you expand the routine!

Perfect theme for this trick! You can TIME TRAVEL with the Green Machine in your show! Put in a prop – spin the Arrow wheel to the RIGHT to go FORWARD into the FUTURE! Pull out the transformed object, or go BACK to the PAST by spinning it to the LEFT! Turn it into a full Back to the Future theme with the movie’s familiar sound effects, lab coat, theme music, etc! 

Axtell Power User Colin Dymond came up with the concept for the Axtell Coloring Book and the following routine idea!

With the Green Machine you can also expand your coloring book routine to MUCH MORE! Now you can magically produce the selected puppet instantly from the “Puppet Machine”! This clip below is from his awesome DVD “The Magic Of Puppets”! A must for any kid’s entertainer!