Hands-Free Animatronic Chimp

Hands-Free Chimp 1
Mac King checks out a Hands-Free Lewis Prototype

Our Realistic Chimp was the second Axtell character to be made into a Hands-Free Puppet. It is used by many customers around the world and gets “double takes” from people all the time who think it’s real! The movements are really nice including the arms! The mouth is smaller than many of our characters to look real. If you are looking for bigger mouth movement or a funnier expression, see our Cheeky Monkey.

The realistic chimp is mounted on Power Seat that has the batteries in it. You can carry it around, set it on a table, chair or any surface. The Power Seat can also fit on our optional Performance Stand which also has a battery in it, so you could have a back up battery for wireless shows.

We have some MagicTrax available for the Magic2 Version of the Chimp character which you will get free with this one. It can be dressed in clothing but be careful so you don’t bind the arms in any way. It should fit very loose so no extra stress is put on the servos.

MOVEMENTS your CHIMP will have:

Head Nod (up / down)

Head Rotate (left / right)

Head Tilt (left / right)

Mouth (open / close)

Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion

Arm Motion (1 shoulder, both elbows)


Accessories Included with CHIMP

Character Is Mounted to a
PowerSeat with Battery

AC adapter

Battery Charger

Free MagicTrax & Files

Control System (Either manual control with a radio transmitter or programmable show control system)

Ken Scott carries the Hands-Free Chimp (with the optional power seat) into a motel room lobby to get some towels…as Ron Palmer operates the transmitter outside the door.  Ken could have just set the Chimp down on the counter & walked away while it was animating! Thanks to Ralph the Great for the video.

Michael Fitch's Christmas Chimp
Michael Fitch's Christmas Chimp

(not included):

Wireless PA System $299.95
for USA & Canada

Protective Carry Case for Chimp & Cheeky Monkey $499.95

Animatronic CaseRemote Case

Performance Stand with additional hidden Battery $499.95

Universal Foreign Charger for USA Transmitter $75

Stand Carry Bag $49.95

Stand Carry Bag

Optional Stand Carry Bag
Carry the Hands-Free Stand to and from gigs with the Carry Bag.

Extra FOB $250

Custom MagicTrax


Michael Fitch using his Magic Chimp “Live”
with the Transmitter.

The Chimpanzee, Dragon and some others can also be animated off the stand with the PowerSeat.

What our customers have to say

"Holy smokes, Steve, the actions on that monkey are simply incredible - I'm definitely going to pull out all the stops to make a purchase... When, NOT IF, I have one of your new generation puppets it will re-vitalise my whole market. "
Dave Andrews - UK