Animatronic Hands-Free Toucan

Melanie with her Animatronic Hands-Free Toucan
Melanie with her Animatronic Hands-Free Toucan
Hands Free Animatronic Toucan Puppet by Axtell Expressions

Our Toucan was the first Axtell character to be made into a Hands-Free Puppet. It is used by the most customers around the world and is the least expensive character in our line. The movements are just crazy good, and the character is really funny! The long beak movements are very easy to see from far away and the direction of his look for “eye contact” is obvious! If you want a real crowd pleaser at a great price this Toucan we call “Youcan” is it!

It sits on a Perch that has batteries in the tube so the bird can be fully wireless on stage or in a crowd. The Toucan has a wire from the power supply that you just plug into the stand when you sit him on it and he’s ready to go! A bird on a perch is a very natural look and easy to carry around.

We have several MagicTrax available for the Magic2 Version of the Toucan character which you will get free with this one. It can be customized with colors or made as a girl Toucan as well.

MOVEMENTS your TOUCAN will have:

Head Nod (up / down)
Head Rotate (left / right)
Head Tilt (left / right)
Mouth (open / close)
Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion
Wings (open / close)

Mouth and head control live with RC FOB while Auto-Alive moves body & Wings.

Accessories Included with Toucan

Performance Stand w/ Battery
AC adapter
Battery Charger
Free MagicTrax & Files

Control System (EZ Live – Magic2 or Vent)

(not included):

Protective Carry Case $499.95

Animatronic Case

Stand Carry Bag $49.95

Stand Carry Bag

Optional Stand Carry Bag
Carry the Hands-Free Stand to and from gigs with the Carry Bag.

Universal Foreign Charger for USA Transmitter $75

Extra FOB $250

Custom MagicTrax

Optional PERCH RING for Axtell Animatronic Birds
Power routes up through the ring and into the ceiling – Installed outlet is needed above ceiling for power plug
Note – because this is for installations only, there is no battery option

Hands-Free Toucan EZ LIVE

EZ Animatronic Toucan – $12,495 Shipping & Optional Accessories are extra

Get started today with a $5000 deposit. Click the deposit button and our staff will follow up with you on the details. Prices subject to change.

Place your EZ Live Toucan Deposit $5000

Hands-Free Toucan MAGIC 2

Magic2 Animatronic Toucan – $17,495 Shipping & Optional Accessories are extra

Also includes the VENT and EZ LIVE system!Get started today with a $5000 deposit. Click the deposit button and our staff will follow up with you on the details. Prices subject to change.Place your Magic2 Toucan Deposit $5000

Hands-Free Toucan VENT SYSTEM

Vent Toucan- $15,495 Shipping & Optional Accessories are extra

For Ventriloquists who provide their OWN live voice and want to control the character remotely LIVE! You can even operate another figure while using this!!

A deposit of $5000 will get your order started for your Hands-Free VENT Puppet. Staff will follow up with you on the details of your order.

Place your Vent Toucan Deposit $5000

Upgrade Options

AI Option by Axtell Expressions

MediaStar Option

Louis Taylor with his programmed Toucan in England

Three Animatronics Working Together in our MULTI-CHARACTER Systems with MediaStar!

Toucan and Tree on the Multi-Character System.This Custom Pre-programmed routine was made by us for a magic convention in Las Vegas. Any routine you create is possible. You can record the voices and program it, or we can do it all for you!

Above is a 20 minute stage show Steve Axtell did in England.

The first half is ventriloquism using a Toucan hand puppet, then switching to the Hands-Free Animatronic Toucan and a Magic Drawing Board.

Tropical Illusions made a cart to move the Animatronic Character around Theme Parks and interract with hidden operator and speakers inside the cart.

Magician Frank Glab entertaining with the Axtell Hands-Free Toucan Live with the Transmitter at the IBM/SAM convention. It was the HIT of the show … as they always are!

Magic2 Toucan operated by MagicTrax Animatronics

We can add your name, custom Intro!
 Introductions and other bits can be professionally recorded by us with your name in it.  We will offer this, and many more services for you at Axtell Expressions, or record your own voice!