Hatching Egg for Puppets

Hatching Egg for Puppets

This HATCHING EGG can be used with any puppet that will fit. As shown we have a special HEAD and NECK Puppet of our BABY DINO which is sold seperately below – or any of the Axtell Birds!

Too much FUN! Your audience can actually watch as the egg breaks open and pieces shatter in the back of the egg! Turn it around and out comes the baby puppet to entertain! We waited for years to make this because we did not want any pre-cracks or gaps showing in our egg. We had 3 Brainstorming sessions with our KAX Conference visitors to the AXTELL STUDIO and this is what came from it!

If you are one of the attendees that signed our Brainstoming List that day let us know when you order!

Order your HATCHING EGG for just $249.95 plus shipping.

The EGG is sold separately from the puppets. It comes with an attached blanket to hold the egg and cover your arm entrance.

We also include the broken pieces of shell for the Hatching Effect!

Hatching Egg with Dino Megan Olli
Egg Dino Head

Special DINO Head and Neck Puppet (Brown Tones) – $199.95 Extra
(Egg Not Included with Dino)

Order Special Dino Head Only Here

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What our customers have to say

I ordered one at Vent Haven! So EGGcited for this...
Matt Bailey
A great looking prop! I saw it at Vent Haven and it's a must have and a very natural prop.
Brian Staron
Want !! Need !! Must have soon !!!
Lucy Spielberg